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Quark core wallet faster installation HOWTO

bootstrap install

  1. Mako
    Normally the installation of the core wallet requires downloading the full blockchain using p2p connection provided by the protocol, however this method can take at least 24 hours due to the nature of the beast.

    A faster method described below in few easy steps, will install the same core wallet in only few hours.

    Step 1. Download the bootstrap.dat file which holds all the blockchain data through height 1,230,000.
    To download the torrent you will need a software like uTorrent or BitTorrent;

    Step 2. Place the bootstrap.dat file inside the Quark configuration folder.
    If this is a new installation you will need to create that folder("Quarkcoin") manually so that when you start the wallet at step 3 it will start importing the blockchain straight away.

    Step 3. Download the Quark core wallet, either version 0.8 or version 0.9
    Once downloaded then open quarkcoin-qt and you'll see the following screen. Make sure that in the left-down corner it says "importing blocks from disk". If it doesn't then you need to make sure you have placed the bootstrap.dat inside the configuration folder and once you place it in there you need to restart the wallet by going File->Exit

    At the time of making this guide I was 58 weeks behind and notice the starting time of 5:39 PM

    Step 4. After an hour later it should have imported at least 300.000 blocks. At this time you will need to restart your wallet because it tends to slow down significantly but after the restart it should get back importing the blocks at a greater speed.
    install2.PNG install2-1.PNG

    Step 5. You need to have patience as the wallet for 5-10 minutes won't import any new blocks until it checks and goes through the blocks you already imported.


    As you see from the above printscreen, only 2 hours later after I started the installation and I'm almost finished.


    Another 35 minutes later and I have caught up with the boostrap.dat height of 1,230,000 blocks and now the wallet gets the fresh blocks from the network directly.


    Fortunately at the time of writing this I was only 30 hours late, so it needed only 3 minutes to sync completely with the network.

    Looking at the starting and finished times you will notice I finished installation in about 2 hours and 30 minutes, if you also count half an hour for getting the bootstrap.dat via torrent download, thats 3 hours instead of 24+ hours which would normally take. I hope you found this useful.
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  1. Cryptoxic
    come on guys... there is a valuable update that needs to be added.. version 10... and the bootstrap link is not right. takes you to a page with no info..... i really expected more from this coin the way that people advertise it.
  2. DeMeDeu
    And updated version of this ? It is really helpfull but we would need it updated. Thanks !
  3. theplantzman
    nice, wish i'd found this sooner......but held for ref. tnx