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কুয়ার্কের প্রেমেন্ট কেও কী পেয়েছেন..?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shadi555, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. shadi555

    shadi555 Quarker

    এমন কোন মহা মানব কি আছে যে কুয়ার্কের প্রেমেন্ট পেয়পছেন..?
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  2. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Unfortunately my Bengali is non-existent, I used Google translation to try and find out what you are looking for. This is what it suggests

    কুয়ার্কের প্রেমেন্ট কেও কী পেয়েছেন..?

    "Who has got the girlfriend of the quark?" - or - "What is the quarrel payment?"
    (Guessing 'quarrel' is meant to be Quark)

    Body of question :
    এমন কোন মহা মানব কি আছে যে কুয়ার্কের প্রেমেন্ট পেয়পছেন
    = "What is such a great human being that the love of the kurarke is getting?" - o
    r - "Is there any greatness that got the quark payment ..?"

    Guessing the questions are the ones related to Quark. Please can you try and clarify so I can try and help. From my current understanding I interpret your questions to be:
    'What is the Quark payments' (in referal to the old Airdrops which is being discussed on other posts?)? and 'What type of great thing got these Quark payments?'. Is my understanding correct?

    If it is of assistance - my Hindi is pretty good, so if you can write in Hindi* (translated into English alphabet/script ideally) then maybe this would be an easier means of communication between us.

    I will await your reply and try to help as best I can.

    *I am hoping you watch Bollywood films so have some knowledge of Hindi (I apologies if this a presumption on my part). I do know some Bangladeshi people, but it would take some time to get in contact and ask them to translate this for me (but doable if need be - but like I said - it would take some time, maybe other fellow Bangladeshi friends can help faster and more accurately than I can)
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  3. shadi555

    shadi555 Quarker

    Thanks for suggest!
  4. shadi555

    shadi555 Quarker

    Actually i want know about Quark's payment?

    And when will be payment?
  5. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    I'm not sure what you mean by payments - there are no payments made. If you are referring to/conflating payments with the old Airdrops - which stopped a while back (and were subject to a few conditions) - then there are no Airdrops/payments.

    Please review the current 'Airdrops' post that answers questions on what you may be looking for:
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
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  6. Zohurul

    Zohurul Quarker

    I have Balances 1.74 Qrk :(

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