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An Open Letter to Institutional Investors

Discussion in 'Project Development' started by QuarkPlanet, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. QuarkPlanet

    QuarkPlanet Quark Foundation

    From Br0nevik on the QP trello board:

    "Institutional investors generally are the entities who manage money of the others: invest bankers, hedge and pension funds, venture caputal. They have a wide infrastructure for the risk estimation and other key functions needed to set a quality portfolios.
    Their acceptance is nessesary for any financial instrument to success. Since Quark is financial instrument at least partly, it will be wise to think how we could capture their attention.
    Most of the cryptocurrency communities don't know how to do it or even state that for them it's not nessesary (Doge). I believe they're wrong. Quark has better economical fundamentals than almost any other cryptos even Bitcoin. Where Satoshi's decisions seem rather amateur and naive Quark has strong positions.

    I think that first of all we should have some piece of information with reasons why Quark is a wise option for any who clever enough to be involved in cryptocurrencies. Key point might be the following:

    - **money emission**. You invest your hard earned money in BTC and then some nerd with asics in basement just loot them. Bitcoin has 10% yearly inflation so for $1000 of your investment $100 will be redistributed to asic owners by generating new coins. In Quark only $4 in a year. Mining is nessesary evil only.

    - **6 algorythms** which almost no chanses all to be compromised. If someone cracks SHA256 Bitcoin will die in the same second. If any of Quark hashing algos will be proven insecure... well there are 5 others.

    - **backup plan in case of 51% PoW attack**. Checkpointing. Even if some entity try to attack Quark chain with massive hasrate it will lead to increace confirmation time only.

    IMPORTANT. This document should not contain much tecnical details cause investors won't undestand them. Just we are more sophisticated, advanced and secure. It should not contain words like "creative and supportive community" cause they don't care. Only facts that matter.

    I tried to write the letter for several weeks but I'm not native english and maybe don't have a talent for such texts so need your help."

    See link to trello Card here: https://trello.com/c/FfI1Gelt
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