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[ANN] [ICO] Ambit (AMBT) Become part of the Mining Family | Presale LIVE !!!

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by vindyne8, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    MINING with Beka from Ambit ICO Ivan on Tech

  2. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    Another Passive Income Opportunity - Ambit Mining ICO - Interview with the CEO

    Mining 240 Bitcoin?! - Bitcoin Mining - BTC CryptoCurrency Mining - AmbitMining


    Dear Community Members,
    Due to the volatile and bearish market conditions, we decided to extend the presale date until April 27, with 20% bonus on your purchases.
    If you have not registered and contributed yet there is still time, so go to our website www.ambitmining.io and join our presale stage. Do not miss out on a chance to get 20% bonus on your contributions.
    We will be adding a new feature on our site, where you can see a detailed calculation of bi-weekly profits on your tokens, based on the BTC Price, raised funds etc. There will be a follow-up video as well which will explain how it works.
    Stay tuned, as more news are yet to come.

    Ambit Team
  3. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    Ambit Mining is the next-generation mining infrastructure, which unites mining, cloud mining and hosting services. We invite mining enthusiasts to join our mining family.
    Vote for Ambit Mining on KickICO

  4. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    Interview with Evgeniya Broshevan, Lead manager of Hacken.io
  5. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

  6. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    5 days left before the Presale ends. Do not miss a chance to get Ambt Tokens with 20% discount and join our Presale now.
    Find out more about us www.ambitmining.io
  7. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    Many of you have shown interest in our ROI calculation method. So, we would like to share with you the document that best demonstrates what stands behind those profitability numbers.
    In the spreadsheet, you can find detailed calculations regarding the projected revenue for the first year.
    Go to Ambitmining.io > Documents > Calculations

    Watch spreadsheet explanation video


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