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[ANN][NEBL][[PoS] Neblio - Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by vindyne8, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    Open-Source Blockchain Solutions for Business
    We design and develop open-source products and services to drive business value from the Neblio blockchain network.

    ~13 Million NEBL are in Circulation After Burning Over 112 Million Tokens
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    We are building a global blockchain developer network centered around simple to use APIs, tools, and services. Let us help you develop and deploy your next generation distributed application.
    When will the Neblio Network launch?
    The Neblio Network will be live on the date the Token Sale begins. Users that participate in the Token Sale will have their NEBL tokens deposited into the Neblio wallet address of their choice quickly after their order has been confirmed. Users may then immediately transfer their purchased tokens as they wish, even before the Token Sale concludes.
    Why are NEBL Tokens needed on the Neblio Network?
    Large, decentralized networks require robust security protocols and algorithms to ensure that all members of the network are behaving honestly. The Neblio Network does this via a Proof-of-Stake algorithm where users “stake” their tokens to secure the network. To encourage staking and securing the network, the network rewards users for the time spent staking.
    What cryptocurrency exchanges will support NEBL?
    This is up to individual exchanges. Exchanges support tokens based purely upon demand. The more demand expressed by consumers to exchange NEBL for other cryptocurrencies, the more likely it is that exchanges will support NEBL. Contact your favorite exchange to see if they will support NEBL.
    How do I Stake my Tokens to generate tokens?
    Staking is vital to operate and secure the Neblio Network. The network is set to generate new tokens at a rate that is variable depending on the number of tokens currently being staked on the network at any given time. The more tokens you currently have staking, and the longer it has been (up to a limit of 7 days) since the last time those tokens have successfully staked, the greater chance you have of receiving a stake reward. You may get small rewards frequently, or infrequently, depending on your total tokens. For more info, see our detailed blog post on staking.
    When can I use the Neblio Platform for my distributed application?
    See our Roadmap. We are working towards meeting or exceeding the deliverables and timeline we have set. In Q1 2018 the first version of our RESTful APIs in multiple languages are scheduled to be released. These APIs can be used to build applications that interact with the Neblio blockchain by storing and accessing transactions and information.​
    Consensus: POS; Blocktime: 120 seconds; Block reward: 10% of Staked NEBL
    Windows | macOS | Linux | Android | Source Code
    Website | Twitter | Blog | Contact | Roadmap & Whitepaper | Official Block Explorer
    Slack Invite | Telegram | Reddit | Facebook | Github
    Portuguese | Filipino | Indonesian | Spanish | Hindi | Japanese | Russian | Dutch | Italian | Turkish
  2. vindyne8

    vindyne8 Quarker

    Neblio The Blockchain Platform for Everyone
    Think blockchain applications are too difficult to develop & deploy?
    Not anymore. With our intuitive APIs spanning nearly all of today’s popular programming languages, distributed application development and deployment will be easier and faster than ever.

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