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Quark was launched in 2013 with the belief that the control of money should not be in the hands of the few, but in the hands of the many. This forum tries to build on that ideology by distributing Quarks in the hands of those that are active in the community. By posting quality articles and contributing to general discussions you will earn Quarks.

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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Guy, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Guy

    Guy Quarker

    Hello everyone,

    I just updated my quark wallet (From v9 to v10), I saved my wallet (.dat)
    But Can you help me to Get my quarks back ?
    It's showing 0.0000...
    Before updating, I had 86.0005

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  2. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Have you downloaded the entire blockchain yet?

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2017
  3. Guy

    Guy Quarker

    Yes, It is up (Green tick at the bottom)
  4. Dodorama

    Dodorama Quarker

    You may have lost your quarks because they were validated by the wrong fork, if they were directly mined that's probably what happened since the 0.9 and 0.10 have separated blockchain.
  5. Guy

    Guy Quarker

    And Can I download v9 on an other computer and backup the wallet back (to transfer to my v10 wallet) ?
  6. Dodorama

    Dodorama Quarker

    The quarks that are on the v9 actually exists, but since most of the network accepted v10, i don't think they have much value. if you got them before the update, it should appear on the v10 wallet except if you deleted your wallet.dat. If you got them after the update, then they're only on the v9 blockchain and you won't be able to get them on the v10.
  7. Guy

    Guy Quarker

    But, Is it normal that the mining difficulty increased from v9 to v10 ?
    Before it was something like 8,5.....
  8. dragonwarrier12

    dragonwarrier12 Quarker

    I notice a lot more pool mining lately. I haven't mined a block in a while. Its starting to look like pool mining is the way to.go now. Everyone can share the wealth. In the spirit of Quark
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  9. Dodorama

    Dodorama Quarker

    Yes it is normal since there were less miners on the v9 fork.
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  10. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    And.... with the price steadily going up, more people, even if they are not a "Quarker" will mine the coin, making it more difficult.

    To the Moon Quark!

  11. Dodorama

    Dodorama Quarker

    I'm trying to buy as much as i can right now x)
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  12. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    As soon as I get home, that is what I will be doing!
  13. nightshadeNOLA

    nightshadeNOLA Quarker

    I've been using https://aikapool.com/ and its been pretty consistent. Its been limited amount of users, but I expect that will pick up shortly.
    **If anyone needs help getting setup feel free to reply to this and I'll assist any way I can. I am new to a lot of this, so I've struggled through with the help of a few great people on this forum.
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  14. Ben

    Ben Quarker

    Hi Dodorama,
    Maybe this is my problem, too. I bought quarks back in 2013. Now I am trying to get them back into a wallet. The old wallet wouldn't sync so I downloaded the new 10.4.4 version to a different computer and synced it. To recover my coins I tried to copy/paste my old wallet.dat file to the file folder containing the new wallet, but get the error message: "Payment request cannot be read or processed. This can be caused by an invalid payment request file".
    Does this mean that my coins are on the wrong fork and I have lost them?

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