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    Quark protocol has been changed to a POW/POS hybrid. The hard fork will take effect starting with block 4937000 ~ 25 November 2017. By that time make sure you run at least version

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Bitcoin has a rival

Discussion in 'Bitcoin' started by AceNOLA, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

  2. w924

    w924 Quarker

    What about what Quark has done in the past couple of days? Cant believe what I have been seeing on www.coinmarketcap.com. It has gained hugely on bitcoin at a time when everything else was crashing and is still gaining today while bitcoin rehains support. amazing!

    What is going on? Anyone know?
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  3. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Ok, so Quark has becoming easier in China to buy, with Chinese currency (RMB) errr... or is about to. Certainly has raised the ceiling for Quark. This very well could be the start of a new day. Stay positive.... MOVE FORWARD

  4. w924

    w924 Quarker

    Hi Ace, well its certainly looking positive at the moment. 124% gain on bitcoin this week amd up to number 87 pn coinmarketcap.com. Over 5c at the moment as I write this. What a pleasant surprise!
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  5. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    It is hitting truly new hights in years! Keep up the good work!!!
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  6. w924

    w924 Quarker

    Well 24 hrs is a long tome in cryptos..Quark now 8 c as i write this...This is amazing growth for a coin that has been asleep for years. is China the real reason for this? Something is certainly going on. quark remains one of the best performers against bitcoin all week. I wonder how mony other old quarkers know about this? Anyone seen anything on the internet?
  7. nuttynoah

    nuttynoah Quarker

    New development behind the scenes at present is pushing this but the word is out.
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  8. w924

    w924 Quarker

    Nuttynoah, thanks for this...i guess maybe you are suggesting hanging on to these....
  9. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    By new development are we talking POW/POS or am I missing something else?
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  10. nuttynoah

    nuttynoah Quarker

    As a start it's the update to POW/POS.
    After that we'll see.
    Stay an active member here and join the slack, we're starting to build the Quark redux community.
    There are a few cobwebs yet to clear away from the initial years but also lots to build upon.
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