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Buying Quarks on Bittylicious - Quick Guide Anyone Want it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sub80, Jul 30, 2014.


Would a quick guide to buying Quarkers on Bittylicious for UK Quarker be of any use to anyone?

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  2. No

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  1. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Hi All

    Earlier this year, around March, I created a quick guide to buying Quarks in the UK using the Bittylicious website (as I found it the most suitable site in the UK for me). Does anyone think I should upload it here? Would it be of any use to others? Would favouring one site cause a problem?

    Sub80 (aka QDG)
    (FYI - I am not employed by Bittylicious or anyone else buying or selling crypto currencies, nor do I have any shares or stock in such organisations. I just find the the site works for me in the UK)

    (Additionally, I believe parts of the guide were used by some Reddit forum members for the Quark related websites - and may still be accessible if you want to look it over before voting)
  2. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    I think you should post it! And maybe if it is possible, include how to buy using a canadian credit card?
  3. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    don't worry you can advertise any service that accepts Quark!

    If you do upload the guide please do it in the `Use your Quarks` section.

    Also provide feedback on how much time it takes to exchange, fees, pros cons, other things we should know about the exchange, etc. Use this thread for sharing the experience of using that exchange: http://quarktalk.org/index.php?threads/quark-exchanges.29/
  4. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Hi Guys.

    I'm off to work at the moment. I will try and upload it over the weekend as I want to see if there are any tweeks that need doing since I last uploaded (plus try to find a software that can zip my .PDFs better).

    I'm not sure how to buy Quarks using payment from other countries, but I will try to look into it. Regarding the experience, very simple and very quick, once I send my funds I usually get my Quarks in less that 5mins (that's all validation rounds completed). The fee - all in the price quoted - you choose either quantity of Quarks you want or the amount if fiat currency you want to spend and they tell you how much it costs in Fiat or how many Quarks you get respectively.

    What we lack in the UK is places that take Quarks for goods - but I'm working on a "cunning plan" (Blackadder - if you did not get the reference to the quote).

    (Sorry for any spelling mistakes or missed words - on bus to work so using mobile - plus is 06:40!)
  5. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    Haha wow early morning, :p I appreciate the reply! Looking forward to hearing back on that! And hopefull more on blackladder !!
  6. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Hi All

    The latest version of the 'How to buy Quarks on Bittylicious.com' - Version 2 - guide is uploaded on the 'Use your Quarks' section of the forum.

    Enjoy and I look forward to your constructive feedback (positive / negative - it is all good and useful).
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