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DeepOnion: The Future of Anonymous Cryptocurrency!

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by Cazkys, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. klax

    klax Quarker

    This coin is under my observation and I think it will have a good growing potential in 2018. FOcusing on privacy and anonimity it will definetly get user adoption and also I think it will attract some big investors too.
  2. cryptovokain

    cryptovokain Quarker

    Hello All,

    I'm doing a giveaway of up to 280 onions to up to 140 people!

    WOW! (right? :D))

    Well the caveat there is that this is a "daily" giveaway of 2 onions for one lucky winner but still, the aim is to do this every single day up until the 40th airdrop! I will be doing draws every day in the videos of all the comments submitted within the deadline.

    You have to follow 2 simple steps:

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/vokain

    Like/Comment the last "Daily DeepOnion Update" video (make sure you leave your DeepOnion wallet address in the comment)
    I recommend that you click the bell button next to the subscribe button so you get alert when new video is up.

    Cut off for comments is 19:00 PM London time following day.

    Good luck and Enjoy!

    Deep Up!!

    PS. If you have not yet registered with DeepOnion you can do so here https://deeponion.org/community
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  3. RBD59

    RBD59 Quarker

    Deeponion is one of the most promising future top "Anon" coins. At the moment it is GREATLY undervalued. It has so much potential and people are just starting to find out. The volume had grown by more than double since yesterday and the core developers have great stuff, such as DeepSend, comming soon! I also love the fact, that the coin are distributed via airdrop, and i have personally profitted well from the 2 weekly airdrops.
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  4. Gildart

    Gildart Quarker

    Nice Post, i didnt now that a lot of people has also invest in DeepOnion like me :) nice to hear about it. I think deeponion has a hard way to go but they will make it with these community and with these dev's :) i hope for the future and i hope they make more stuffs like the new shop thats great :D
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  5. iamgroot

    iamgroot Quarker

    One of the best crypto coins.
    Look at the road map, I'm shocked, the developers are good fellows. With such developers and with such community onions will cost $ 500 after 2 years.
    I bought more than 5000+ $ONIONs. I'm sure that DeepOnion will give me a good income. :)
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  6. Zach190

    Zach190 Quarker

    I agree, it's good to see so much support for a coin, it definitely makes me eager to invest and jump on the train before it's too late. The future looks very good and if the community continues to rally around it like they are, I don't there is anything that can stop it - Just look at Bitcoin.

    I predict about 40x growth in the next 12 months, $500 Million market cap is nothing nowadays, so it should be simple for this coin to reach. Compare it to it's competitors: Monero and Dash who have both got multi Billion Dollar marketcaps, DeepOnion seriously has the ability to go 500x or more!
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  7. Jayouterspace

    Jayouterspace Quarker

    i really believe in the system of deeponion & what the mods are doing.anonymity will get a lot more important in future,dash & monero have their power from their anonymity level & with deepvault & soon deepsend Deeponion will be no unknown in the world of anon coins!
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  8. gigaoptic

    gigaoptic Quarker

    I invested some btc in Quark in past ) Loved this coin.
    And also i loving DeepOnion. Now it's very promising coin and i Think we have great future. Look at the prise now it's already almost 3$ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/deeponion/ And i think we both with Quark will Fly to the Moon one day !)
  9. sorin90

    sorin90 Quarker

    Hi guys. I also am one of those that use DeepOnion, and I;m glad I do it. It seems to be one of the best coins there is at the time, just looking at the chart you can see why I say that. Also the fact that the DeepOnion is a a 100% anonymus coin and has great safety features is a plus for me and I think more will share my opinion.
  10. Merlizie

    Merlizie Quarker

    Nice thread. Your content is full of important information that is needed to get started with DeepOnion and understand it clearly. I am also recommended this coin for anyone who is interested in the cryptocurrency's world and you will enjoyed it, having to see the price of your coin changed every moment and knowing that you have choose a well planned path for your future, one day, it will be the same or surpassed bitcoin's price, who knows?
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  11. kiddung

    kiddung Quarker

    Hi all.I have found and know. DeepOnion is a future currency, with anonymous and fast.A new currency to grow must have community acceptance to use. The community has over 6000 and every day there are 200 more members
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
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  12. bagaris

    bagaris Quarker

    As many told before me I think DeepOnion is a coin with great potential to grow a lot in 2018. Comunity is very solid and everyone is working very hard to promote this coin. Also Devs Team will release many feautures that will make DeepOnion one of the best anonymuous coin out there such as DeepSend.
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  13. tr3yson

    tr3yson Quarker

    I just got my interest in DeepOnion one month ago and I've been with its community less than a month and I agree to what you all said about it. It is truly amazing participating this project especially that it is indeed a promising one and has a lot of potentials plus the features that were already implemented and the upcoming. It is already given that DeepOnion itself is very impressive but what impresses me the most is the development team. The Devs were not just active making development and progress for the coin technically but they are also actively taking part in DO Community like helping and reaching out to the whole members. I guess this is one factor that makes this anonymous cryptocurrency build a strong support and create a fast-growing community and I am very glad to be a part of that community.
  14. CryptoGedtke

    CryptoGedtke Quarker

    this Coin will definitely go places in 2018. It is rising so fast and everybody can get some for free in the Airdrops :) Love the System and especially the coin! Check also the DeepPoints they are very similiar to the destribution here with the Quarks.
    DeepOnion can reach 100USD in my Opinion :) The features and the Community will get this easily. The fast and secured transactions are needed and wanted and features like DeepVault makes them more unique as they already are. DeepOnion will be the king in some years
  15. cammie16

    cammie16 Quarker

    Nice thread, you have posted all the details about DeepOnion. I am also a fan of DeepOnion project, I recently joined the main airdrop and the deeppoints airdrop. The Devs and staffs are very generous in giving away free onions. They also have a very active community. It's really a good idea to promote deeponion in other people.
  16. ralphfried

    ralphfried Quarker

    I have only few coins that i hold and of them is the DeepOnion coin. It really looks like DeepOnion is going to take over other Privacy Coins and be a lot better and higher priced Privacy Coin in a quick time! The DeepOnion has good features like DeepVault that is already implemented but the web version is going out soon. And after few months the DeepSend release and Smart Contracts will take DeepOnion to the whole another price!!!
    DeepOnion is really growing in price very quick and it looks like it's not going to stop as the price is only going one way and it's up!
    I suggest for everyone who likes Privacy and Anonymity or to just make profits from trading it's a good chance to Join the DeepOnion. It's very simple as everyone can join the DeepOnion community to earn more DeepOnions!
    The Bitcointalk thread for DeepOnion is also way past 2000 Pages and soon it will be a lot more pages you can see it here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2006010.0
  17. a4illusionist

    a4illusionist Quarker

    Things are moving very positively for this coin. DeepOnion. I have been keeping it in radar and its showing a lot of uplift shortly. It has a few features right but now it seems as if its getting attention of the masses also
  18. bitnewsportal

    bitnewsportal Quarker

    As a new Quarker in this forum :D I truly believe that deep onion will surpass the achievement of the top privacy centered cryptocurrency, with a strong community behind deeponion anything is possible and most importantly the development team are always present and mingling with the community members. :)
  19. iirexii

    iirexii Quarker

    Don't want to come in hard, just a heads up for crypto enthusiastic for a great investment in new coin.
    DeepOnion has been a coin in my portfolio since the inception of the coin.
    DeepOnion has tripled its value in coming weeks and there is no stopping it.
    As the rise of the privacy coins in foreseeable future, DeepOnion will be one of the top contender because of the features it provides. Now is the time to get some before it starts to break its own record.
  20. EMWEE

    EMWEE Quarker

    I know this just sounds to good to be true, but just spend 10 minutes of your time to check out their website @ https://deeponion.org/community . Its a anonymous cryptocurrency project and the community and devs are great. To promote DeepOnion members and hodlers will get a airdrop every week. All on top off that you can stake your onion for even more profit.

    Visit the forums and thank me later. See you @ https://deeponion.org/community/ !
  21. Pengbin0211

    Pengbin0211 Quarker

    Deep onion, I can't believe my eyes. I just know about it a month ago. Now I have 500% profit. It's really a sharp cryptocurrency, it should be one of the best TOR crypto sooner next year. Development is keep moving, bigger success is waiting for all onion holders.
  22. roofer

    roofer Quarker

    Waiting for my first airdrop. Registered already last week, but managed to state my wrong address. Excited for the first drop.
  23. Pomme

    Pomme Quarker

    Hi everybody.

    It's nice to see people happy;). Well, for my part, I agree with other posts. And I think a lot of things are going on for DeepOnion. We must imagine that in the future, the objective of DeepOnion is to be a key currency in the transaction. This is why the DeepVault, a tool for securing documents (useful for many progession as lawyers), and DeepSend to secure the peers of a transaction have been created. In the road map, another goal is that DeepOnion is a trading tool in video games. I believe the turnover in this area is $ 99 billion. I let you imagine the future. So, for those who do not know DeepOnion or for those who have doubts, I encourage you to discover the forum. :)
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  24. A7373

    A7373 Quarker

    Really interesting project! I hope in future we would see onion like now we see "Apple"!
    I invite all my friends to it!
  25. Richardxtc

    Richardxtc Quarker

    DeepOnion is an amazing coin with an amazing dev team and an amazing community. DeepOnion has the potential to be the #1 privacy coin in the world due to its great unique features like deepvault or deepsend. Its a truely 100% annonymous coin.

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