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DeepOnion: The Future of Anonymous Cryptocurrency!

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by Cazkys, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. deep onion keep on hitting ATH its been near $4 on cryptopia .
    everybody should now buy and hodl to their deep onion its very undervalued right now.
    people who missed bitcoin right now is the best opportunity.
    i love the community and the FORUM the mods and devs. are very active and friendly.
  2. pseudopseudo

    pseudopseudo Quarker

    This coin basically has all that a new coin must have in order to be a great coin on the market. But using the TOR network instead of normal internet puts it right on the throne lol.
    I mean, this is the only really 100% anonymous coin out there. Nothing like Monero and company, whose IP could be seen by anyone!
  3. candymimi007

    candymimi007 Quarker

    I'd like to invest DeepOnion as following reasons:

    1. DeepOnion has a huge community, lots of people support it.

    2. Deep Onion is an anonymous and 100% untraceable cryptocurrency sent through the TOR network. That is better than Dash/Zcash/XMR.

    3. The price is not high, has potential to 100 dollars.
  4. Noelnada

    Noelnada Quarker

    I don't know what to add exactly as pretty much everything about DeepOnion has been said. It's a shame shitcoins like BTG or BCC get so much value out of nothing when new projects with dedicated teams like DeepOnion have to go through long period of hard work and efforts before rising and gaining traction. Fortunately the DeepOnion community is growing fast and the price of the Onion too :D

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  5. belight

    belight Quarker

    You guys totally right, the community is fast growing like own coin. When I bought my first $onions price was near 0,75 $ for one onion. Yes nowadays all cryptomarket is growing, but this project gives free airdrops too, and everyone can join. I think that we live in a very interesting time when everyone can become an investor and do this world better.
  6. hitscan

    hitscan Quarker

    DeepOnion one of the best crypto coins. Why? There are several reasons for this:
    a large and initiative community,anonymity,fast and secure transaction, Deepsend and DeepVault and many more interesting things in the future! Want to know more -visit

  7. Toushiro

    Toushiro Quarker

    You're right! I really liked the project! He is not like the others and he does not have ISO. You can take part in the airdrop and get your interest from each coin distribution.
    Now the cost of the coin is growing! It seems to me that next year we will see a completely different cost. Not less than 50 dollars!
  8. jeungo

    jeungo Quarker

    If you look at the current situation on the market, you can draw conclusions that firmly stands on self feet now only coins. Tokens are very much in cash, and at any time they can explode. The DeepOnion is like Quark, I have not thoroughly studied the documentation of these two projects, but I feel that it makes sense to invest in both coins. Eggs are best kept in several baskets. I've already bought DeepOnion and now it's time to think about when to buy Quark.
  9. deadlyblow

    deadlyblow Quarker

    Very pleased with the possibility of obtaining these promising coins with the help of their activity on the forum. The more you are active, the more you get coins. Coins are credited every week to your personal wallet. This is very convenient, because the receipt of weekly profit is an excellent result. But I would recommend not to rush to sell this coin. Its growth has just begun and it has huge potential.
  10. ubercaber

    ubercaber Quarker

    Yes it's very nice to simply support the community and earn free DeepOnion from the Airdrop or Airdrops. As there is 2 Airdrops going on one is where everyone who holds more then 100 Onions receives about %6-7 of their holdings as i have read in the DeepOnion community. And the second one is based on the forum activity and all the help that you put in DeepOnion. It's still a very new coin but already with a such large community and the DeepOnion has already created their own Merch Shop where everyone can buy some good merch at https://deeponion.shop/
  11. richwicklund

    richwicklund Quarker

    Thank you for sharing the DeepOnion shop link. I checked it out and i really like the Designs of the DeepOnion merch they look very well designed and quality also looks good :)
    DeepOnion is trying to dominate from every aspect possible and till now it's working out very good for DeepOnion. The price of Onions is now at $3.50 https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/deeponion/

    What you guys think how high can DeepOnion go ?
  12. macdak

    macdak Quarker

    Welcome to the world of anonymous payments. With the advent of DeepOnion, this became possible today. The high speed of transactions and additional functions of this cryptocurrency attracted my attention, having studied what DeepOnion I was delighted with, I was filled with the same feelings when I first learned about bitcoin and blockchain technology. DeepOnion changes the notion of anonymity with the sphere of payments and the storage of personal data.
  13. Reborn1

    Reborn1 Quarker

    i am also supporting deep onion. with its one and only anonimity features like DeepVault and DeepSend (to be implemented) and the VoteCentral feature there is a lot of factors that account for deep onion story. by distributing the coins freely you get rewarded for being active member of the community. with a community like this and active devs and mods more and more people will get to know deeponion
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  14. reflektor

    reflektor Quarker

    DeepOnion is a very promising project. I invest in it, now I have a 75% portfolio in Onion. I really like his technology built on anonymous transactions. I believe in success. With such a large community, Onion will only go up.
  15. samsmith

    samsmith Quarker

    DeepOnion will be a big cryptocurrency in 2018.
    1. It is TOR based anonymous coin with untraceable transactions
    2. It has a huge and active community with 7,000+ members
    3. Active development, DeepVault is released
    4. More upcoming features like Deepsend, Votecentral, smart contracts and more.
  16. bentetoftt20

    bentetoftt20 Quarker

    DeepOnion is very promising crypto project which comes with strong features around anonymity. I liked the idea of using TOR infrastructure in order to provide fully anonymous coin. I tried their secure storage service called DeepVault and it was great and efficient. I bought some ONION coins with 1$ per coin and now it seems to me that the currency is doing very well.
  17. rico57x

    rico57x Quarker

    Deeponion is the most anonymous cryptocurrency, transactions are fast and untraceable. I think Deeponion has more potential than Monero and Dash.
    I invested when the onion was worth 0.5usd and now the value of the onion is 3.3usd and the value increases every day.
    It's one of the best investments of the moment.
    There are also 2 airdrops per week, all members receive free onions :)
  18. HarrySCOTTER

    HarrySCOTTER Quarker

    Many of my crypto friends have been telling me about DeepOnion lately so I started reading more about it to see if it qualifies of what I call a good investment.

    So far I'm very impressed with the strong community behind it as we can see here in the forum and the fact that it is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is natively integrated with the TOR network means that it can grow a lot in the anonymous market.

    Will definitely keep an eye on it.
  19. kanahide

    kanahide Quarker

    One of the interesting part about deeponion is the privacy over the TOR network. What deeponion also makes unique is the deepvault a feature only found in deeponion. Its about storing file hashes in the blockchain and it has a massive real world use case.
    With the upcoming feature of deepsend which makes the transactions even more anonymous just like monero or even better than that makes it look like moner 2.0 which is about to explode in price.
    I believe that deeponion will be the future of anonymous cryptocurrencies, it can recieve and send anonymous payments via the TOR network. That makes it safe from third partys. Im sure it will find fast adaption in the darknet because of the high demand of privacy.
  20. Joeyda

    Joeyda Quarker

    Many of my crypto friends have been telling me about DeepOnion lately so I started reading more about it to see if it qualifies of what I call a good investment.
    I mean, this is the only really 100% anonymous coin out there. Nothing like Monero and company, whose IP could be seen by anyone!
    i love the community and the FORUM the mods and devs. are very active and friendly.
  21. Aleeyou

    Aleeyou Quarker

    This is great. You will have a High Profit just by Posting and Reading Thread or just simply say ny being activein the community. How cool was that? I'm very proud that I.m part of the Community. Well done DeepOnion!!
  22. cindykate

    cindykate Quarker

    Thank you for making this informative post about our community. I'm also a DeepOnion holder, simply because it has a potential. I got interested in ONION because of its unique features. Hopefully, others will realise it potential too. DeepOnion could change the wolrd of anonymous cryptocurrency.
  23. Ephraim

    Ephraim Quarker

    thank you so much for this one, very informative, very promising coin, i already invested to this coin, i am very positive about this coin because of its very unique features and also the team behind the this coin are very hard working besides we have a very big community and counting.
  24. quarkerboy

    quarkerboy Quarker

    Your giveaway is so generous, I've been following your new videos coming out. Though I wasn't lucky for your prizes once, I guess it is still beneficial to the crypto people to have better information regarding wonderful opportunity to invest, that is through Deep Onion, which is truly promising cryptocurrency.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017 at 7:35 AM
  25. Orochimaru

    Orochimaru Quarker

    DeepOnion - a young coin, but in a short time this coin has become very popular. The hard work developed by the developers and the community led to the fact that at the moment one of the fastest growing coins appeared.

    I think that this coin has a very large potential.

    Many thanks to the developer and the DeepOnion community for this coin:cool:

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