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DeepOnion: The Future of Anonymous Cryptocurrency!

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by Cazkys, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. MM1995

    MM1995 Quarker

    I'm very interesting in DeepOnion because onion's community is very excellent and this coin will be in top 20 altcoins in 2018. I'm buying a lot of onion in this week and I want to buy more coins next week.
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  2. TopLady

    TopLady Quarker

    DeepOnion continues to gather around their coin more and more new people. Soon price of the coin will go higher, to the moon, because this coin: anonymous, and allows you to make fast and secure transaction! Join airdrop today, make the best contribution to your future!
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  3. Deep Onion is one to watch for 2018! This coin has a very stong development team and community supporting it and has up to date always hit its roadmap targets to the T. In the future this could easily double in value!
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  4. Sajjad

    Sajjad Quarker

    Deeponion cryptocurrency is currency which have an ability to beat any other digital currency, it's proofs this by revealing it's true worth, it's growth rate increases more than before, in all over the world people are becoming deeponion community's fan due to the unbreakable efforts of deeponion community and also due to the deeponion's day by day increasing fame, it's real can secure your future so I love deeponion very much, thank you.
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  5. ruskosmardiel

    ruskosmardiel Quarker

    DeepOnion has all the best features that i have found in a Cryptocurrency. It has the TOR network implemented that makes all the Transactions untraceable and very safe and anonymous. The DeepOnion coin is the one who will be definitely very high priced then any other coin. I love DeepOnion coin and it's my best investment so far !
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  6. alihassan99

    alihassan99 Quarker

    no matter DeepOnion is a good and promising crypto currency.. it is anonymous crypto currency with secure and untraceable transactions as wallet is connected with TOR network... i invested in it when it was 0.3$ one month ago and now it is 3$+ within one month.. so its giving good profit and price is rising.. waiting for the Deepsend to be released
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  7. Nonehat

    Nonehat Quarker

    My first introduction to cryptocurrency was with DeepOnion. I have never met a community that was so helpful, active and most importantly believed in their project so much. With DeepOnion current roadmap, I believe this coin will be a good contender to Monero and Dash.
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  8. spexik

    spexik Quarker

    I am participating in the airdrops too. I am a member of DeepOnion for 3 months now and I have to say that it is one of the best options to invest and spend time on now, the price is growing so fast, currently $3. The DeepOnion has unique features such as DeepVault and DeepSend which will be introduced later.
    Their developer team is the best and always makes the planned things at time.
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  9. nazzzz

    nazzzz Quarker

    Totally agree with you. I have bhought at $2.50 and I'm very happy with my decision because I can see a tremendous value for the privacy coins in the upcoming year. All the others have its features but none have the features DeepOnion is implementing in a privacy coin so token price is still way undervalued.
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  10. ComeBack

    ComeBack Quarker

    All the features of the Deeponion are really good especially the anonymous sending of transaction , its a good way to secured our Onions :D i know this coin will really going to see on top soon :D for now need to have it while it cheap and have a free airdrop of it ^_^
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  11. cryptovokain

    cryptovokain Quarker

    Yeah anonymous will become key now as its possible to track btc and eth transactions and the TAX man will be right on your case with that. The stuff that is happening in the USA right now its crazy, coinbase sharing info with the government and taxing people on everything. I'm glad i'm in Onion and if things go any further everyone will be looking into ONION!
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  12. ahmfkry

    ahmfkry Quarker

    DeepOnion is rising! The current price is $3.04 ,and i think it is the next Dash. And It is not my wishful thinking.The MKT skills, the Tech Skill of the team is fabulous. As we know,that TOR cryptocurrencies are alway underestimated, like Zcash etc. Buy some DeepOnion and you wont feel regreted!
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  13. mustafaahmed88

    mustafaahmed88 Quarker

    This coin is getting success in a very short time the community of deeponion is increasing quikly because of their security and rules police's this is the most secure way to earn no one can see ur information or ur earnings and this coin is going to be more successful in 2018!
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  14. kSL

    kSL Quarker

    DeepOnion have great chance be №1 anonymise cryptocerrencies! Developers include more innovation and realy something new, as deepvault and deepsend! And the best confirmation of this is the price increase! and this is only the beginning, I think 2018 we all will be pleasantly surprised
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  15. meanwords

    meanwords Quarker

    This coin will have a successful future I tell you. Just look at the community, it is the most active community i've ever seen compared to others and the devs and mods are also actively communicating with the community. I recommend this coin to those who want a great coin.
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  16. Uzairmahar

    Uzairmahar Quarker

    Hmm nice description of deeponion. It seems like a perfect currency for invest. I love its features by which you can made a transaction totally annononus and its votecenter deepvault thing are very good inovations in the crypto world i bet this currency will be a leading currency in mean time.
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    LUCKMCFLY Quarker

    Yes my friend, also that DeepOnion is very well supported by an incredible team with its moderators and developers where they invest 24 hours a day to the project, the community is very big, and the onion has the highest transaction speed in the chain of blocks , has DeepVault which can store the data and files in a very safe way, and as the onion is based on the network gives total anonymity and privacy .
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  18. Vladislav

    Vladislav Quarker

    DeepOnion is a platform in which you can invest not only money, but also your human resource. You are waiting for a friendly community and a responsive support team that will instantly help you in any situation.
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  19. cappieman007

    cappieman007 Quarker

    Anonymous cryptocurrencies will gain more and more popularity in 2018. In China and in Russia, the authorities are determined to ban all cryptocurrency. And cryptocurrency transactions will be criminal liability.
    Now check each account can block any translation, and then go through the courts to prove that it's your hard-earned money
    I like projects such as DEEPONION focused on privacy. They protect me from all kinds of locks, or the fact that my translation will seem illegal. Also DEEPONION great community which will develop quickly.
    I think deeponion forces to become the biggest anonymous cryptocurrency world cryptocurrency
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  20. tutys

    tutys Quarker

    Looking at the growth of the Onion coin, the question arises, and what will happen after 40 airdrops. My guess is that the rate of this coin will be over $ 30. I am new to the world of crypto currency, but when you are given the opportunity to receive a coin for free, but also with a great growth prospect, this leaves no doubt that DeepOnio is the best crypto currency and this is very generous from the developers. It is necessary to appreciate this.
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  21. murrcoin

    murrcoin Quarker

    I've invested in Onions some weeks ago and I really happy that I've hold them!
    Thanks to the community more and more people will get into DO and it's value will keep on growing!
    This 5 pages thread opened just 7 days ago, its a proof ;)
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  22. londoonik

    londoonik Quarker

    just keep on holding the onions ^^ i bought them about a month ago when they were like $0.5, and now they are around $3 (they hit $4 mark but went down a bit). I-m glad I bought them for so cheap, it has been a great investment so far. I really think the coin will go up even more, because the community is doing everything to keep the word out there, the dev team is following through with the roadmap, with mobile wallets and DeepSend coming out soon, and even first online game payments! 2018 will definitely be the year of the onion ^^
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  23. Rozgata

    Rozgata Quarker

    I am tottaly in this deeponion cryptocurrency.Thank you for the post and the usefull information.I mean who doesnt like it, it't anonymous coin and it keeps going real price.It's good to invest in it and to join in the community.The price was 0,80 cents and look at it now.I hold my cards for 2018 because i belive in it to grow larger and larger.
  24. vads51969

    vads51969 Quarker

    I also invested in a coin DeepOnion. I liked her anonymity, because all its transactions are in the Tor network. The development team does not stand still and constantly develops his project and introducing new technologies. In the future, functions DeepSend and Smart Contracts, I think that next year capitalization DeepOnion will increase at least two times, respectively, and the price of the coin will rise. Suggest to all users to support the project and invest in DeepOnion.
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  25. AntonioGramsci

    AntonioGramsci Quarker

    Thanks OP for the information about DeepOnion. In my limited reading it appears to be one of the best options for privacy coins heading into 2018. The heart and soul of DeepOnion is a decentralized one that supports and maintains an interactive community. Small market cap = small risk. Find more on cryptopia!
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