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  1. Important!

    Quark protocol has been changed to a POW/POS hybrid. The hard fork will take effect starting with block 4937000 ~ 25 November 2017. By that time make sure you run at least version

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Do i need to have the whole blockchain on my laptop?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by DigiTone, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. DigiTone

    DigiTone Quarker

    Hi, i am fairly untechnical so i hope this does not seem like a stupid question.

    I have had some quark for a couple of years. i have them in my quark wallet which is on my laptop.

    As the wallet is on my laptop i think I also have the entire quark blockchain on my laptop.

    Is there an alternative to this? my laptop is used for various purposes and is my only one, i do not have another for mining or any other purposes so i worry about the space the blockchain is taking up on my laptop.

    Are small newbies expected to have the whole blockchain downloaded? Or is that just for the serious guys?Downloading it after every wallet upgrade is a pain and i don't know if i now have several versions of the blockchain taking up space on my laptop after every wallet upgrade.

    Many thanks if you can answer this or give me any tips!

  2. DigiTone

    DigiTone Quarker

    Does having the blockchain downloaded mean I can mine?

    Or can I mine without the blockchain downloaded?

    Do I need to have the blockchain downloaded whether I want to mine or not?

    I tried mining quarks when I first bought them in 2014 but could never get it to work, I may have been mining on an old blockchain or something but I could never get any info on what the issue was.
  3. Yagami

    Yagami Quarker

    Maybe you can find the information after the POS has happened.
  4. nuttynoah

    nuttynoah Quarker

    Try posting in the Slack chat

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