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Entity-analisys engine. [Desperately] need a web-developer.

Discussion in 'Project Development' started by bronevik, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. bronevik

    bronevik Quarker

    Entity-analisys is a logic when one unite addresses which 100% belong to one wallet.dat file to one "entity". For example from this transaction: http://qrk.blockr.io/tx/info/6a6ae0c60e59c5311bc816275b7189313b54fd00595279bf951485d4910c3c9f one can assume that all the input addresses belong to one owner otherwise such transaction wouldn't exist. Then we need to crunch all the transactions and unite all such collisions. The guys who previously did this for bitcoin in May 2012 had come to conclusion that such technique unite approximately 25% of ordinary individual addresses and almost all addresses of such an entity as large exchange or pool. So I have some hope to do the same for present day quark.

    Currently I've written almost all backend logic and built a SQL base with all information I need. Now I'm processing but it's extremely slow like 300k addresses a day on an ordinary PC. I need severely optimise processing engine and make it multi-threaded at least. To do this I need to dive in hardcore computer science which most likely will consume all my time and efforts.

    Also I hope to build a service to provide insight in my base of entities for a small fee. I believe it will be helpful for researchers, analysts and traders, so I could earn some money from my work. But I understand nothing in web technologies nor I have much money to hire someone on market. For this reason I need a partner(s) with web-developing skills.
    At first we need to display an information from base in a most simple form. Maybe even show just a list of addresses in the same entity that the address given by the user. Something like a simple form for user input and answer what would be output to a query SELECT * FROM addresses WHERE ent_id = (SELECT ent_id FROM addresses WHERE addr_key='QRDE9zA1rtzWUC1gbhTxyrzACw1Cqj2reJ') ORDER BY addr_id;
    In perspective I'm dreaming of a service like blockchain.info or blockr.io. :) Billing and security will also be a tough challenge.

    If you are interested in my little project or have some questions please PM me or email to bugspirit0 [at] gmail.com.

    For now, some minor results from base:
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