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Quark is an open source software used mainly as a digital currency that employs multiple cryptographic algorithms, which unlike fiat/national currencies provides the platform for a decentralised monetary system.

Quark was launched in 2013 with the belief that the control of money should not be in the hands of the few, but in the hands of the many. This forum tries to build on that ideology by distributing Quarks in the hands of those that are active in the community. By posting quality articles and contributing to general discussions you will earn Quarks.

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Hello guys !

Discussion in 'Beginners area' started by Liciu, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Liciu

    Liciu Quarker

    Hello guys !!
    1st problem : I don't have a verry good english but i will try to create a paragraph here to introduce myself .
    I'm 18 and i am a good friend of Demedeu ... he introduce some details about quarks to me and i liked the idea so here I am . I like to thing that i am a lil gamer .. i like games but not so much to lose my life in them. I start to work in Adobe Photoshop i like the old stuff like CS3 ..
    These are some details about me my wallet it's synchronized and just mined a quark (yay !!) .:)
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  2. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Welcome! if you know how to design, we need one for Quark projects(currently we need a logo and other promos for Steam project) so let us know. Thanks!
  3. Liciu

    Liciu Quarker

    Something like this Mako ? [​IMG]
  4. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    I like it but I'm a bad judge of designs, I could like it but others may hate it, please start a new thread in Project development and we'll see what the general feedback will be.

    Thanks for your work!
  5. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Also, try to use "the elementary currency" instead of "money reinvented"
  6. MasterQ

    MasterQ Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Welcome friend
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  7. HonorFace

    HonorFace Quarker

  8. arkh

    arkh Quarker

    hello i'm new too! and i'm not good in english perhaps this forum allow me to join
  9. DeMeDeu

    DeMeDeu Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    There's no problem @arkh, not many of us are native english speakers but we can still make it. Welcome among us !

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