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Quark is an open source software used mainly as a digital currency that employs multiple cryptographic algorithms, which unlike fiat/national currencies provides the platform for a decentralised monetary system.

Quark was launched in 2013 with the belief that the control of money should not be in the hands of the few, but in the hands of the many. This forum tries to build on that ideology by distributing Quarks in the hands of those that are active in the community. By posting quality articles and contributing to general discussions you will earn Quarks.

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Hi all

Discussion in 'Beginners area' started by ruuin, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. ruuin

    ruuin Quarker

    I'm new in this Quark world. Let's see where it goes.

    I'm from Spain.
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  2. DigiTone

    DigiTone Quarker

    I'm new too, best of luck to us both!
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  3. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Each day more users from Spain, I'm impressed! Welcome! Let us know if there is anything you're having trouble with. I hope you've seen the mining and twitter promotions currently running ?
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  4. DigiTone

    DigiTone Quarker

    I don't use twitter but i am very pleased with the mining promotion.
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  5. emanyxlove

    emanyxlove Quarker

    Mining promo is the best! That is what brings me here, I need to resucitate my old laptop and put it to work.
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  6. JayeK

    JayeK Quarker

    New here too, Canada though. Spain sounds nice with our winter encroaching :)
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  7. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Yeah lot of spanish people here and without launch any special promo , this weekend with the giveaway we can expect a lot more !
  8. gonsi0

    gonsi0 Quarker

    Sorry what giveaway?
  9. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    We are going to do a giveaway to promote Quark , we will be gifting some games on Steamgifts .
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  10. twister

    twister Quarker

    Hi All

    Just joined here.

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