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need help transferring from mac wallet v0.8.3. to 10.4.5

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by cmontie, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. cmontie

    cmontie Quarker

    I'm happy to send someone qrk if they can safely guide me on how to transferred from old to new a wallet. Two different macs, 2 different wallets.

    from: v0.8.3.0-g09e437b-beta

    to: v0.10.4.5 (64-bit)

    I dug around on the forum first & was able to get the old wallet slightly more synced up, but it won't finish. Looks like there have been some changes in the last few years since i've been away.

  2. Thule

    Thule Quarker

    1.save wallet.dat from your old wallet
    2.download new wallet 10.4.5.
    3.add wallet.dat to your new wallet
    4.sync your wallet
    5.If you have issues to finish the sync cause its not moving forwards add manually new nodes
    In the wallet click on the following.
    1. Help
    2. Debug window
    3. Console.
    Then type into the command line:
    addnode add
    Then hit return.

    do the same for all these nodes.
    addnode add
    addnode add
    addnode add
    addnode add
    addnode add

    Node List for /Satoshi:
    Seen by explorer wallet in the last 24hours:
    Select your version, then click node list
  3. cmontie

    cmontie Quarker

    thanks for the reply, a few quick questions though:

    1. is "save wallet.dat" the same file you get when file>backup wallet ?

    the file I get from backup says backup.dat , so i'm confused as to how I get the wallet.dat file.

    3. how do I "add wallet.dat" to in new wallet? i don't see a tab for it... do I manually place the backup file somewhere? if so, where?

    Thanks again!
  4. Ben

    Ben Quarker

    Hi cmontie,
    I have exactly the same problem! Downloaded the new wallet but can't seem to add my backup .dat file to it.
    Can anyone help with this?
  5. Dodorama

    Dodorama Quarker

    To backup your wallet.dat, you need to find it in the .quarkcoin folder.

    On Windows it is in %appdata%
    On Linux it is hidden in the user's directory
    I don't know for mac sorry.

    To make a backup of this file, just copy it to somewhere else.
    Then do the update
    /!\ We've seen multiple cases of failed sync so I recommend you to read this topics before /!\
    AceNOLA likes this.
  6. cmontie

    cmontie Quarker

    i had previously read that failed sync thread. It was slightly useful. Is there any technical support from anyone who helped develop this coin or is quark just floating in space now-a-days?

    I'm confused about this 10.5? I can only find 10.4.5
  7. Thule

    Thule Quarker

    Dev is working for an update but don't expect any help from him.He is to busy working on diffrent coins to update them so the price will increase :D

    Community is nearly non existend.
    I don't know what happened with 10.4.5 as it was one file which i downloaded in the past and there were a screenshot added where you can find your wallet.dat file on MAC.
    I guess thats now the latest wallet for MAC
  8. Dodorama

    Dodorama Quarker

    10.5 doesn't exist, it is an error :/
  9. Ben

    Ben Quarker

    Hi cmontie,
    How did you go with this?
    I have a backup.dat file created from my old quark wallet. I have downloaded and synced the newer 10.4.5 wallet.
    But I have not been able to apply the backup file to the new wallet to recover my coins.
    So I'm still looking for help on how to do this.
    Any ideas, anyone?
  10. Ben

    Ben Quarker

  11. cmontie

    cmontie Quarker

    I'm working on getting some help to safely transfer everything. once this happens, I'll make a detailed update here

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