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[News] Mining Roundup: Rigs for Home Heating and a Bitcoin Backbone

Discussion in 'Bitcoin' started by CryptoBuddy, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. CryptoBuddy

    CryptoBuddy Quarker

    What’s happening in the world of mining? As recent coverage suggests, the network is beginning to see a steadily rising hashrate as mines around the world get started and begin generating bitcoins.

    It’s not just the big companies – small operations using state-of-the-art chips in super-efficient data centers are also moving to mine their share of bitcoins. And between all that activity, the bitcoin mining community continues to develop, grow and discuss the issues of the day.

    Gavin Andresen talks bitcoin “backbone” project


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  2. allpurpose

    allpurpose Quarker

    Mining quark for heating this winter... didn't think about that, maybe I'll try.
  3. enLighteN85

    enLighteN85 Quarker

    Mining rigs make great winter heaters!

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