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OpenLedger - You are in Control doing it "Smart Trading Decentralized"

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by ccedkpro, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    OpenLedger and Coming Bitcoin Fork


    OpenLedger care about our community, and our priority will always be on the safety of your funds. In the event of a Bitcoin Hard Fork on August 1, 2017 or soon thereafter, we will be unable to support Bitcoin Cash (BCC), the coin associated with the Bitcoin Cash offer. Those who wish to take part in the split and support BCC need to withdraw funds on their own wallets, where they have access to their own private key.

    OpenLedger have decided, in order to ensure the safety of your funds, to disable bitcoin deposits and withdrawals on July 31 2017 at 11:00PM GMT (London Time) to safeguard that all BTC funds on our exchange remain secure. OpenLedger users who wish to access both bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCC) need to withdraw bitcoin stored on OpenLedger before 11:00 pm GMT July 31, 2017. If you do not wish to access bitcoin cash (BCC) then no action is required.

    Trading of the decentralized asset OPEN.BTC will remain unaffected throughout the hard fork. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals will be resumed only when we deem it safe to do so. OpenLedger shall not be held liable for any consequences from our decision, from neither a financial, operational nor regulatory standpoint.

    OpenLedger’s sole focus is on you and your best interests, and we are watching this situation carefully. For more information and updates, please stay tuned via our newsletters, social media pages and websites, www.openledger.info and www.openledger.io

  2. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    OBITS Voting Has Ended. The Results


    OpenLedger are very proud to announce that the votes are in! 251 OBITS holders out of 1800 voted for OBITS distribution to be carried out exclusively in bitUSD and on the basis of 50% sharedrop and 50% buyback and burn.

    This is a marked change from before, when it was 90% in BTS and 10% in BTC, and 100% buyback and burn.

    It was a great pleasure for the OpenLedger team to see a vote for vital changes to take place using decentralized voting, and we support the results which are the consequence of a majority vote.

    Thank you OBITS holders!

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  3. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    OpenLedger Gets Thumbs Up From Chinese Marketplace.


    OpenLedger had an amazing reception at the Finwise Global Blockchain Summit, attracting many Chinese investors and ICOs for Crowdfunding Services. Held in Shanghai, China over the 30th and 31st of July, thousands of visitors from the blockchain, crypto, and investment communities visited the OpenLedger stand and attended the informational seminar where the world of OpenLedger, the OpenLedger DEX and Crowdfunding Services was introduced to them. Watch this space to see the results of our attendance!

    We are back in Shanghai, China on the 14th August to attend the largest blockchain conference in the world, and follow up on the success of the Finwise Global Blockchain Summit


    Self-Regulatory Blockchain Alliance Officially Established in China at Finwise Global Blockchain Summit


    (July 30 2017) This week, thousands of blockchain enthusiasts from all of the world gathered at the Finwise Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai to talk about the future of applications on the blockchain, and regulatory practices surrounding ICOs.

    The most notable result of the Summit was the establishment of the Self-Regulatory Alliance, named the Sandbox. The Sandbox Self-Regulatory Alliance, which is made up of seven influential blockchain-based organizations and led by the Metaverse Foundation, aims to promote best-use cases for blockchain technology, raise awareness of the regulations pertaining to the blockchain-related industries, and better serve the public through legitimate, practical applications and standards.

    Eric Gu, the founder of Metaverse Foundation, indicated how ICO projects are facing regulatory dilemmas for both entrepreneurs and investors, stating, “This is an emerging financial model, and the Chinese government holds a relatively open attitude, for now. I am very proud that our industry, leaders, and companies are taking the lead in compliance and self-regulation.”

    The Metaverse Foundation, which owns the public blockchain platform in China, was the organizer of the Finwise Global Blockchain Summit and presented more than 20 ICO projects presented at the Summit, showcasing the diversity of ICO initiatives that are mainly established in China.

    One of the ICOs present at the Summit, ZenDao, has issued its’ token on the Metaverse and OpenLedger exchanges, and has created a solution for the community of fine art collectors by encouraging the sale and trade of art using tokens and smart contracts. Metaverse allows assets to be issued and recorded on its decentralized platform, including their own token, Entropy (ETP). Unlike Ethereum, which allows programmers to write code on top of the platform itself, Metaverse preserves the underlying platform, enhancing security.

    For more information, please visit www.mvs.live


    Total amount of OBITS burned on August 2, 2017 was 102,035 OBITS. 36,133 of this amount was achieved from buying back from the market on Aug 2nd, the remaining amount was OBITS was obtained from the market during the month of July, resulting from a leftover amount of the revenues achieved from the OBITS WARRANTS auction.

    ICOO distribution August on August 3rd 2017
    The amount of 6.09 BTC, out of a total amount of 15.44 BTC allocated for normal monthly distribution, was sent out today to ICOO holders who are able to take part in the riseofbitcoin value, and with that, the similar rise in most well established altcoins and assets out there.

    ICOO "SPECIAL" extra buyback/burn onAugust3rd 2017

    On top of the monthly distribution, an additional buyback and burn from distribution took place in the amount of 84.56 BTC, of which 32.97 BTC was used for the buyback and burn, allowing a total of 6.706 ICOO to be burned with a new total supply of 465,952 ICOO as the end result.

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  4. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    OpenLedger Position on MUSE


    OpenLedger Team has obsereved that many OpenLedger DEX users have not managed to move their OPEN.MUSE to their own native wallet. OpenLedger will make sure it is possible to have MUSE in its NEW form from the moment it is available, and then we will pay out NEW MUSE to all holders in a 1:1 swap. OpenLedger is there for our MUSE supporters!

    For now all MUSE markets and deposit/withdraw options are disabled.


    GoodWill Service: How to return funds?
    Dear OpenLedger and Bitshares users!

    We have a very important announcement to all who did wrong transfers or lost access to their funds.
    From today we will try to help you receive your funds back, but only if your case satisfies certain conditions.

    Please read this carefully:

    OpenLedger Goodwill Service

    In case you’ll have any questions, please write to support@openledger.info.

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  5. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    OpenLedger in articles


    "OpenLedger platform built for high-speed transactions with all of its capabilities designed around this. Security, acceptance, privacy and signature accounts are some such capabilities. Security because no one can ever freeze, seize, attack, or hack your wealth, and your identity cannot be stolen. Acceptance because you can spend your money using major debit cards instantly. Privacy because only authorized people can see your accounts. Lastly, signature accounts mean that you can share your account with your family members, friends etc. with complete accountability. Moreover, people can also trade crypto assets among each other in real time at ultra-low fee."

    "There are no market makers and dark pools of liquidity on OpenLedger exchange. Anyone can monitor and/or audit at any time, because it’s all on the blockchain."
    Read more about security of OpenLedger in article "Will Cryptos End Spoofing Or Enable It?"

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  6. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    OpenLedger All-in-One Payment Card Solution


    OCASH international payment cards draw funds from the users’ contract wallet which support SmartCoins, like bitUSD, and more than 20 other existing cryptocurrencies from the OpenLedger crypto gateway including BTC, ETH, OBITS and BitShares.

    OCASH All-In-One Payments Benefits:
    Cardholder Friendly

    *Easy enrollment
    *No credit check
    *No Bank account needed
    *Instant fund loading
    *IOS & Android APP
    *ATM Accepted
    *iBanking (Bank on the go)
    *No spending limits

    Card Benefits

    *Unique Swift/IBAN
    *Free POS transaction fee
    *No usage limits
    *Recurring payment
    *Free insurance
    *Low monthly fees 2,00 EUR
    *Multi currency account

    Company Benefits

    *Easy affordable setup
    *No hidden fees
    *World wide instant payout
    *Revenue share models
    *Loyalty platform included
    *IOS&Android APP included
    *Strong API offered


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  7. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    Fintech at its best - The financial future is here.

    No transfer fees, instant pazment and full transperacy. OpenLedger has created an all-in-one payment and banking solution that is about to change the future.


    "The way most people deal with money can be made so much easier. For instance, if you want to transfer money to an account in different country, you often have to pay a sagnificant transfer fe to the bank and wait for a few days before the money is available in the account. With OpenLedger, the transfer fee is almostnon-existent, and the money is transferred instantly.", says Ronny Boesing, CEO OpenLedger -"The main vision of OCASH is to build a product anyone can use as all-in-one bank on the blockchain solution, plus it is a great fit the more than two billion unbanked people, who can pay their dail expenses with virtual currency. With the accompanying OCASH app alongside the debit card, regular users will have a familiar platform to access and engage in the OpenLedger ecosystem."

    Check out more on pages 56-59: https://issuu.com/scanmagazine/docs/scanmagazine_103_august_2017
    Scan Magazine, Issue 103, August 2017
    Published on Aug 11, 2017

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  8. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker



    Crypviser is a communication app for ultimate security when sending & receiving data or having private conversations for businesses and individuals... It's currently in development and the Alpha version is out currently been tested.

    Meaning all communication will be safe, secure with no prying eyes or ears.

    The team behind this project is solid & dedicated with big ideas for the future aiming to have users in the millions to begin with & into the tens if not the hundreds of millions in the future. If they manage to pull this off this will be one of the best investments on the current market.

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  9. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    Peerplays Joins OpenLedger. OCASH ITO Deferred


    A welcome addition to the DEX, Peerplays has become the newest cryptocurrency offered by OpenLedger. Peerplays is the world’s first peer-to-peer betting platform built entirely on top of a live blockchain.

    Represented by the asset OPEN, the most active asset on the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate, users can rely on making swift withdrawals and deposits in automatic mode. Peerplays is the newest of the Graphene based blockchains added to the OpenLedger cryptogateway. Every new gateway, like Peerplays, or MUSE who joins us next week, contributes to the monthly rewards handed to OBITS holders in the form of token drops and buy backs.

    As part of the our OpenLedger Rewards Program, OBITS holders benefit from all OpenLedger gateways receiving 50% of all transaction fees (0.2% of all transactions), plus 20 to 100% of all revenue achieved from all businesses on the OpenLedger DC in the form of token drops and buy backs.

    Please find the links to Peerplays markets here:

    BTS: https://openledger.io/market/OPEN.PPY_BTS
    BTC: https://openledger.io/market/OPEN.PPY_OPEN.BTC
    bitUSD: https://openledger.io/market/OPEN.PPY_USD
    bitCNY: https://openledger.io/market/OPEN.PPY_CNY

    For more information on Peerplays, please visit https://www.peerplays.com


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  10. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    Welcome To The Most Promising ITOs of Q4 2017


    The Financial Information Chain, or FINCHAIN, is the first public blockchain focused on the underlying applications in the financial industry, built on a decentralized, open source, financial information services platform.

    FinChain will address the issues of limited capacity and high transaction costs currently seen on most public chains, securing and protecting the key components of any financial blockchain including user privacy protection and authenticity during the process of assets digitalization.



    What is Karma? Besides the belief it is what comes around, goes around, it is a Global decentralized blockchain-platform, where people and companies can interchange directly to each other.

    Karma has created an ecosystem where people can create infinite types of relationships: from short-term loans to social loans with zero interest rate, zero collateral rate and without exact timing on repayments – for instance, the borrower can pay when there will be an opportunity and the lender is satisfied.

    Karma creates a holistic community with high levels of mutual trust based on the needs of small andmediumentrepreneurships in every country in the world, increasing the SME’s share in the world’s economy and will create an opportunity for direct resources exchanges.



    Belrium is a Know Your Customer (KYC)-compliant blockchain, developed by Belfrics, the fastest growing bitcoin trading platform and digital wallet.

    The creation of Belrium was inspired by the enormous potential of digital currency — a financial environment of transparency and efficiency, decentralised currency system, and greater access to financial markets that were once open only to professionals.

    Belfrics has already established itself as a reliable digital currency exchange and a leading software development firm in more than eight countries including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Middle East, and many African nations.

    Driven by the commitment to enable users with a seamless accessibility to using Bitcoin, Belfrics have created a proprietary ecosystem, which is a hybrid model that encompasses the benefits of both centralised and decentralised exchanges.

  11. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    Upcoming ICO's and ITO's To Watch For - Redefining The Meaning of Data Ownership


    In the age of big data, data is undeniably the world’s most valuable asset, and yet there lacks a clear definition of data ownership and an even less of a clear framework for claiming and protecting rights of ownership over this invaluable asset. We define data ownership as having the right to control data and claim the profits generated from the data. The challenge is that since data can be easily copied by anyone, they could hold the same control over the data as the original owner. It is extremely difficult to clearly assert ownership and defend your rights as the legitimate owner of the data.

    Current solutions in the market for “secure” data exchange between two parties rely on a trusted third party, such as a centralized data exchange. However, these “trusted” third parties are profit-maximizing organizations with their own agendas, and are storing data in the absence of authorization, neglecting data privacy, and even engaging in data fraud.

  12. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker



    The Financial Information Chain, or FINCHAIN, is the first focused public blockchain dedicated to the underlying applications in the financial industry.

    FinChain (FCC) is in the EARLY BIRD stage of the official ICO backed by OpenLedger, and the OPEN.FCC asset has been created as the Smart Contract, backed 1:1 by the ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain.

    Once the ERC20 token is released, it will be possible to deposit FCC fromthe ETH wallet as well as withdraw the OPEN.FCC to the ETH wallet using the gateway operated by OpenLedger.

    Please view https://openledger.io and for further information please visit http://finchain.info or English Finchain page

    Finchain markets on OpenLedger:
    bitCNY: https://openledger.io/market/OPEN.FCC_CNY
    bitUSD: https://openledger.io/market/OPEN.FCC_USD
    BTC: https://openledger.io/market/OPEN.FCC_OPEN.BTC
    ETH: https://openledger.io/market/OPEN.FCC_OPEN.ETH

    or using Bitshares server

    bitCNY: https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.FCC_CNY
    bitUSD: https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.FCC_USD
    BTC: https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.FCC_OPEN.BTC
    ETH: https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.FCC_OPEN.ETH

    Read more about FINCHAIN in OpenLedger's Blog


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  13. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    OCASH September special offer pre-ITO


    All participants in OCASH Initial Token Offering (ITO) who participate with a minimum sponsorship of 3,000 USD (bitUSD) or the equivalent in real time value BTC per project receive a VIP package with their sponsorship package, including:

    - 30% discount deducted from final unit price announced at end of ITO November 2017
    - Lifetime membership (LTM)
    - OCASH debit card free for one year
    - Airbitz password protector access to OpenLedger
    - Annual Travel insurance, with loyalty points and cashback program included
    - OBITS, ICOO, are accepted currencies, as well as BTC and bitUSD, at the real time conversion rate of the day the funds have been received. We reserve the right to fix price in case speculation has altered the price on the day.BTS and bitCNY
    - a special 5% additional discount is offered to all ITO participants when made in bitUSD

    Offer ends: October 14th 2017
    OCASH ITO starts: October 15th 2017

    Read More And Join

    The HOTTEST ITOs AND Great News For BTSR Holders


    BTSR holders had a buyback on September 3, 2017, of 20.000 BitShares (BTS) from the BTS-BitTeaser account which were used to buy back OBITS and drop on BTSR holders. Furthermore, over 9000 BTS from the ICOO and other accounts were used during this buyback and drop.

    From this date, the buyback and burn on the four usual currencies of BTC, ETH, BTS and USD will be replaced with the buyback of OBITS from the bitUSD market, and then rewarded to all BTSR holders. OBITS holders benefit from all OpenLedger projects within the ecosystem, including eDev.one, GetGame.io, Apptrade, OCASH and ICOO.

    Revenue from BTSR and HubDSP will be is based on the Stablecoin BitUSD and used in the buyback and rewards on BTSR holders.
    The BTSR asset was created to allow token holders to enjoy revenue related to traffic and activity when it comes to advertising blockchain and cryptocurrency related activities on OpenLedger’s Automated Advertising Platform, HubDSP.

    Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, explained, “The Real Time Bidding (RTB) software which runs the HubDSP platform was acquired for a six figure USD amount as we immediately saw the potential, and it will increasingly generate significant revenue. ICOs/ITOs with a need to generate awareness and exposure are now using HubDSP at a rate which is exceeding our financial projections, and creating the conversion and ROI which is exceeding our customers’ expectations. We can confirm that contracts worth a significant amount have been signed for HubDSP, and BTSR token holders will all benefit from the profits achieved.

  14. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    eDEV and GetGame Pre-ITO Special Offer


    All participants in eDev.one and GetGame Initial Token Offering (ITO) who join with a minimum sponsorship of 3,000 USD (bitUSD) or the equivalent in real time value BTC per project receive a VIP package with their sponsorship package, including:

    - a lifetime membership LTM
    - an OCASH debit card, free for one year
    - Airbitz password protector access to OpenLedger
    - Annual Travel insurance, with loyalty points and cashback program included
    - 30% discount deducted from final unit price announced at end of ITO November 2017
    - OBITS, ICOO, BTS and bitCNY are accepted currencies as well as BTC and bitUSD, at the real time conversion rate of the day the funds have been received. We preserve the right to tell price in case speculation has changed price on the day.
    - a special 5% additional discount is offered to all sponsorships when made in bitUSD

    eDev offer ends: October 20th 2017
    eDEV pre-ITO: 21.10.17
    eDEV ITO: Feb. 2018

    GetGame offer ends: November 29th 2017
    GetGame ITO: 30.11.17

    Join pre-ITO Offer

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  15. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    Welcome to OpenLedger Help Center


    Dear OpenLedger and Bitshares users!

    We are happy to announce that from 08.09.2017 we started out Help Center and from now and on all your questions, complaints and troubles will be saved and maintained in a form of tickets. Now it is in pilot mode

    In every single moment you will be able to check its status or add comment, and request solution or help.

    We also relocated our FAQ and opened Help Data Base where we are storing all Frequently Asked Questions. We will constantly update this section with useful information and guides.

    We will be grateful for your comments and suggestions.

  16. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker


    Incent & Waves gateways are ON

    Dear OpenLedger and Bitshares users!

    We finished fixing OpenLedger gateways for Incent and Waves, and now it is turned ON, you can freely deposit and withdraw Incent, either Waves currency.

    Please note next important information!

    OpenLedger uses two different accounts:
    openledger-walletthis one is used for the most number of currencies.

    the new one openledger-dex – is used for all new currencies including GOLOS, GBG, PPY, ETP, and also for STEEM, SBD, WAVES and Incent (please note this important shift)

    PLEASE DO NOT USE old gateway address for Incent or Waves anymore.​

    OpenLedger's Team kindly asks you to NEVER send withdrawal transactions manually. Mostly, because of non-constant address, used for withdrawals, but also functionality of GUI allows you to be sure if currency isn't under maintanence.

    For those, who making withdrawals via API, we suggest to check actual account, used for withdrawal processing, first at: https://ol-api1.openledger.info/api/v0/ol/support/coins

    The best way to withdraw WAVES/INCENT (as well as all other currencies) is to use this page https://openledger.io/deposit-withdraw/ - there you will always be sure that you transaction sent to the right address or gateway.

    If your transaction was made in a wrong way and you didn’t receive your funds, please create a ticket here https://openledger.freshdesk.com/

    All wrong created transactions will be served (checked and returned) regularly, once a week.

    Please be careful!

  17. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker



    OpenLedger has now incorporated Airbitz as a third way to create an account on OpenLedger. Airbitz is a user controlled, encrypted, auto backed-up wallet for decentralized apps.

    Airbitz gives users access to a simple web account while providing full privacy and security of transactions and funds. No third parties, including Airbitz or OpenLedger, can access your funds when secured with an Airbitz account.

    The other two ways to open an account on OpenLedger are the Account model and Wallet model.

    The Wallet model has the best security, but is restricted to your current browser and computer. To migrate the wallet to another browser or computer, you may use the backup file or brain-key.

    The Account model lets you login to your wallet from anywhere using only your account name and password, but your password is vulnerable to brute-force attacks which means it is important to use a very long password, ideally 20+ characters!

    The Bitshares update boasts many new features including:

    • Login using AirBitz application
    • Sell/Buy/Withdrawal windows will have a better user interface especially for users in Basic Mode
    • Users will not be able to create passwords anymore, they will be created automatically for better security
    • Adding addresses to ‘Your Favorites’, so if you make transactions with the same addresses frequently, they will be saved

    UI improvements:

    • Highest bid shows by default in the price fields in the “Sell” and “Buy” sections.
    • With improved footer and header sizes, more information can be displayed on the exchange.
    • The highest bid will be placed in price field (sell and buy orders) by default.

    Fixes, Including

    • Fixed issues with empty address field and ability to make transactions.
    • Withdrawal fees are displayed in BTS now.
    • Fixed some others technical issues
    • Fixed issue with backup creation

  18. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker



    OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) will release two new tokens to the market. The new tokens: EOS and OMG.

    OpenLedger is now one of the most powerful cryptocurrency platforms, with a number of subsidiaries and their tokens supported by the ecosystem. Currently, on the OpenLedger DEX you can trade with all tokens, crypto and FIAT currencies. Other tokens available on the OpenLedger DEX are: OBITS, ICOO, BTSR, QBITS, BLOCKPAY, CVCoin, QORA and FIMK – and they can be traded for BTC, ETH, BTS and FIAT USD and EUR as well as SmartCoins, bitUSD and bitCNY.

    OPEN is the official asset representing the OpenLedger crypto and fiat gateways. Over 30 tokens are using the OPEN gateways, giving access to automated transactions, such as BTC, ETH, DASH, DGD, MAID, NXC, MKR, LTC, USDT, STEEM, LISK, WAVES, INCNT, GRC, OMNI, DOGE, EXCL, NuShares, ETP, US-NBT and GAME.


    EOS https://eos.io/
    • EOS tokens are ERC-20 (Ethereum token standard) compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract (the “EOS Tokens”).

    OMG https://omg.omise.co/
    • OMG (OmiseGO) is a Ethereum-based token for use in mainstream digital wallets. Token primary use case is to host a decentralized exchange for digital fiat and crypto.

    Other payment gateways, including Omise’s biggest competitors, as well as global giants like Stripe or Cybersource, will benefit from using OmiseGO/OMG, and are welcome, with no partnership or permission needed. Public and permissionless, the OMG chain will be an entirely public and permissionless network, connected to Ethereum.

  19. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker



    A platform for creating economic interaction between people all over the world, Karma is a blockchain based, P2P financial platform based on an economy of trust. Complete with credit scoring, Karma gives a secure platform which allows financing between peers to be orchestrated on a global basis.

    While Japan is one of the key geographic markets for Karma, one of their other key markets is Russia. Karma’s founder, George Goognin, became the Vice Chairman of the Blockchain Experts Chamber to the Russian Parliament. This means Karma will have access to the newest developments of legal changes surrounding the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, impacting Russia, other countries, and their citizens, around the world.

    “There are many questions and ambiguities regarding crypto, and it’s important that these issues are clarified as soon as possible, as the world grows a more accepting attitude towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain services,” Goognin said.

    The mission of Karma is to create a powerful impulse to assist in the development of entrepreneurs and grow the spirit of entrepreneurship all over the world, with a supportive society exhibiting the values of trust and assistance. To do so, Karma gives people from countries with inefficient financial systems access to financial and growth enabling resources, while investors from countries with low-interest rates have a possibility to invest in emerging markets.

    ““For Karma to offer the resources and services planned on our platform, we need to be at the forefront of fintech blockchain development. Karma contribute on a world stage by speaking as experts on panel discussions side by side with institutions like MOEX (Moscow Exchange, Russia’s leading legal exchange), conversing on topics including the evolution of the crypto community and the exchange services. In a couple of weeks, we will also be speaking at the Global Fintech & Blockchain Summit in Shanghai, and releasing our whitepaper."

    Don't forget to check another Karma news!
    MicroMoney, a microfinance firm, and Karma, a P2P-scoring blockchain platform, have signed an agreement allowing them to both receive benefits from user networks and technologies. According to the agreement, Karma now can use MicroMoney’s scoring system based on AI algorithms and neural networks to assess any of its customers.
    Click For More Information

    Stay informed with our developments on our Facebook or Twitter social media channels.

  20. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    What happened with Equifax in the USA and how OpenLedger BaaS Would have been the Solution


    Equifax, one of the nation’s three main credit reporting agencies (the other two are Experian and TransUnion), announced on September 7 a cybersecurity incident that potentially impacted approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. The cybersecurity firm Mandiant completed the forensic portion of its investigation on the incident by the beginning of October and announced that approximately 2.5 million additional U.S. consumers were potentially impacted, raising the total number to 145.5 million, which is over 40% of the U.S. population.

    The Equifax hack serves as a prime example of how centralized databases and servers create massive vulnerabilities for consumers. One single company’s system exposed sensitive information potentially compromising the identity of nearly half the country.

    Several specialists have now been suggesting that using blockchain technology would have kept consumers’ data completely safe.

    Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, says that “Building the solutions to these problems using blockchain technology allows more than safety and security. There are so many more plusses including transaction speeds and transparency that make a decentralized solution the only solution going forward for every company.”

    “The whole SSN as identifier regime needs to be scrapped,” says Eduard Goodman, global privacy officer at the identity theft protection firm CyberScout. “As we see more and more issues with the centralization of data, different schemes for different uses — biometrics for in-person interactions/transactions, some form of advanced encryption or blockchain technologies online. The solutions are already in front of our eyes.”

  21. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker


    The October 25 Bitcoin Hard Fork will be handled in much the same way as August’s Hard Fork, which resulted in the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

    During the event of a Bitcoin Hard Fork on October 25, 2017, or soon thereafter, OpenLedger will not support the coin associated with the Bitcoin Gold offer, due to security reasons and company policy. OpenLedger users who wish to take part in the split and support Bitcoin Gold will need to withdraw Bitcoins on their own wallets, where they have access to their own private key before 11:00 pm GMT October 24, 2017. If you do not wish to access Bitcoin Gold then no action is required.

    Trading of the decentralized asset OPEN.BTC will remain unaffected throughout the hard fork. OpenLedger shall not be held liable for any consequences from our decision, from neither a financial, operational nor regulatory standpoint.

    OpenLedger’s sole focus is on you and your best interests, and we are watching this situation carefully. For more information and updates, please stay tuned via our newsletters, social media pages and websites, www.openledger.info and www.openledger.io

  22. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    OpenLedger Propose Bitshares 3.0 Blockchain


    Over the past two years, OpenLedger have played an important role in the development and establishment of the BitShares blockchain. Our high-qualified team of developers have been involved in dozens of third-party projects, acting as consultants and direct executors, continuously interacting with the community, developers, and traders to develop their products on the BitShares ecosystem.

    Believing in the limitless possibilities of BitShares technology, it is OpenLedger’s vision to build projects for all uses, and truly develop ‘Blockchain as a Service’ (BaaS).

    With a varied and rich experience in development using Graphene technology, as well as unmatched experience in working with Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT, Omni, Waves blockchains, the key goal for the OpenLedger team will be to research ongoing cryptocurrency technological trends, as well as create new features, with subsequent implementation into the BitShares blockchain.

    OpenLedger sincerely believe that BitShares is significantly underrated, from both economic and technological points of view in comparison to other crypto-platforms.

    The strategic goal of OpenLedger is to create such a platform which will outpace the competition and allow for the creation of a truly decentralized and trusted digital economy. To achieve these goals, we would like to rely not only on our own views and ideas, but also on yours – the community opinion – and we invite you to like to take part and join us in this next stage of Bitshares’ evolution.

    For the first stage of our mission, we wish for the community to vote for one, or more, of the following proposed ideas:

    1) Implementing a virtual machine (like Ethereum’s’ Virtual Machine) into Graphene.
    Once created, it will allow each user to produce smart contracts that work with assets and Smartcoins. The mechanisms of ICOs, trusted systems for the payments of dividends, and hosting various games/shares/lotteries, are examples of possible, future business cases.

    By combining the strengths of the two platforms (the flexibility of ETH Smartcontracts and the speed/throughput of BitShares), they will get the symbiosis of the advantages and eliminate the weaknesses of these two platforms.

    2) Implementation of the Atomic Swap mechanism.
    Such a mechanism will allow the exchange of funds from one blockchain (Bitshares) to another (bitcoin, as the first), without any participation from third parties. In this case, BTS, MPA (bitUSD), and UIA can be used as bitshares funds.

    Given the fact that there is only one real decentralized exchange, the ability to enter it from other blockchains, without any risks (technical and regulatory), and the participation of third parties (gateways), creates huge economic potential for the platform and the cryptocurrency economy.

    3) Creation of Fee Backed Asset.

    The idea of creating the FBA was proposed back in 2015, but was never implemented (http://docs.bitshares.org/bitshares/user/fba.html)

  23. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    Decentralization and the Creation of Roles in the World of Karma


    Karma’s unique approach to the lending market has created an ecosystem where every participant can play a role: borrower, investor, insurer, guarantor, collector, portfolio manager, lawyer and other roles which will be apart of the ecosystem in the future. Karma, the P2P financial platform with an ITO starting November 29, but with a whitelist registration which is ongoing, will delegate these roles to the participants of the community while enabling participants to freely choose and create roles.

    In the beginning, Karma will undertake a number of roles and play a key part in the growth of the ecosystem. Once the required number of users have joined the platform and assumed the compulsory roles needed to allow the ecosystem to run successfully, Karma, as a company, will step back and allow all roles to be performed by the users.

  24. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    Latest ITO News from OpenLedger


    Centz is changing the gift card industry — Join the ITO

    Centz is the world’s first gift card solution that allows you to collect all your balances into one spendable lump-sum credit that you can use to buy any other goods or services. Centz is going disrupt and then fundamentally change the gift card industry forever.

    Jon Bricken, theCEO and Founder of Centz, has stated that their vision is to give gift card consumers total flexibility and security in the use of their gift cards, at any time, with any retailer. Their mission is to give gift card users the opportunity to fully use their gift card balances and provide the highest level of fraud prevention security.
    Read More Here



    Choose a Crypto Trader and Earn Together

    With Investy, we provide you, the investor, with a marketplace where you can choose a trader or a fund and know that your money is safely invested and the results are authentic.

    Investing via the Investy platform is safe.
    There is no need to transfer your money or assets, and they are always on your account. Only you can access the transaction, and the rest is taken care of by the platform. We are the first ones to develop and implement an expert trader’s system, and the platform assumes the role of a gateway, blocking all fraudulent transactions.

    Investing via Investy, you can be sure that your money will not be withdrawn, with a guarantee that there will be no chance of fraud from the trader’s side. No one can lose your deposit and it is in maximum security in the Investy environment.

    Analyzing cryptofunds and traders markets, we realized that many funds do not provide transparent reporting for their investors, and often their official numbers do not exceed the growth of bitcoin.

  25. ccedkpro

    ccedkpro Quarker

    Open social layer for the Information Age. JOIN THE SOLA ITO! ITO LAUNCHING NOVEMBER 27, 2017


    Today, on social networks, the audience for users is limited by friends and followers, and they do not benefit from social media activity financially.

    Sola is a next-generation, decentralized social media platform that incentivizes and benefits both users and third-party developers, allowing them to build a revenue stream through their own content.

    The Sola app is built on the Sola open source platform allowing ease of access for audit, improvement, and usage by everyone, with the sole vision to make everyone’s voice louder on this social medium, allowing them to earn revenue at the same time.
    Decentralization opens up possibilities for major breakthroughs in communications, comparable to the shift from desktop to mobile. Decentralization makes Sola nearly immune to blocking and censorship

    Ilya Zudin and Pavel Panov are Sola’s co-founders, who have been working together since 2011 when they established a new venture to develop an innovative social product. In 2013 they came up with a social experiment to find out if people were ready to communicate and collaborate with strangers in a constructive and respectful way.

    In November 2014, an iOS and Android app launched under the name Plague by Deep Sea Marketing. Since then, hundreds of thousands of users created millions of cards, comments and connections.
    According to Zudin, “Now, we are making the next step and launching Sola, a decentralized social layer never seen before. It’s more than a never-ending global conversation of news, stories, and entertainment where the whole world at once is your audience — you can now make money from your social media efforts.”

    The Sola ecosystem is powered by the token SOL, a utility token with a monetary function. It enables Sola to split its revenue with users based on the collective decision of other users. Each user earns money based on the information generated and disseminated, earning tokens by creating quality content that is endorsed by other app users. SOL is the only currency used for transactions on the platform. Tokens can also be earned by taking part in the Bounty Development Programs designed to improve the Sola platform and app.

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