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Quark create/send multisig address help

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Mako, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian


    Just created a test quark p2sh address 4hhWf5eqc5tarZXTh2GiFQfGHCs3ByzyVM which requires 2 out of 3 signatures, but I get stuck on how to spend these funds ? Any dev wants to share some light into this and the steps required ?

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  2. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    For those who aren't too tech savvy, what is multi-sig exactly and how can if be used?
  3. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    A multisig address is controlled by a given number of people which have signed to create it, for example 2 out of 3 people can control the coins that are located in the above test account 4hhWf5eqc5tarZXTh2GiFQfGHCs3ByzyVM I have sent 10 QRK to it but now I can't spend those funds without signing with the 2 public keys that I used for its creation(you can search this address on the blockexplorers its a valid one even if it doesn't start with Q)

    Its a feature that can be used in arbitration, escrow services, development funds which needs to be controlled by more than 1 person, etc.
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  4. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    Very interesting. I am hoping to learn more about this in the future. I want to learn coding!
  5. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Ok I've tried for days now but I keep hitting a dead end when trying to spend from that multisig address. These are the steps I took:

    1. Took the public and private keys: validateaddress/dumpprivkey
    2. created address requiring 2 out of 3: createmultisig 2 '["026f334f8fc56a591c1169c0938e81f1cf92631a4ea1dcb34bbd583c142b367616", "0209a67029a827cdd5e7fb7a03a78261a6e960aeca7c4e467d59c40b06d8e95676", "026545e5819f050b91a6c0d5faf41a76e7e00041273e6201593875a01cfee9a73c"]'

    The p2sh address created was 4in8CsmTGQDMHbFhjmWcxs5FnToaA2tKDr

    3. send qrk to that address and got the txid and hex of scriptPubKey: getrawtransaction/decoderawtransaction

    4. createrawtransaction '[{"txid":"1f91d229529bbf0a575b0e074bb2c0cb8df96284d50314a2ce40c0b48244129d","vout":0,"scriptPubKey":"76a914111a57544f4eba8a465730954e74c0218028cfc188ac","redeemScript":"5221026f334f8fc56a591c1169c0938e81f1cf92631a4fa1dcb34bbd583c142b367616210209a67029a827cdd5e7fb7a03e78261a6e960afca7c4e467d59c40b06d8e9567621026545e5819f050b91a6c0d5faf41a76e7e00041273b6201593875a01cfee9a73c53ae"}]' '{"QPCZCthH6Cf6rQ8h8nChyXJRLuu3QTqn5v":0.1}'

    the above returns 01000000019d124482b4c040cea21403d58462f98dcbc0b24b070e5b570abf9b5229d2911f0000000000ffffffff0110270000000000001976a9141c7a05936ca26b6eea59e67972873107610d480b88ac00000000

    5. I sign the above with first address:
    signrawtransaction '01000000019d124482b4c040cea21403d58462f98dcbc0b24b070e5b570abf9b5229d2911f0000000000ffffffff0110270000000000001976a9147ff110f442194d2760d20882569c622f58b40d8b88ac00000000' '[{"txid":"1f91d229529bbf0a575b0e074bb2c0cb8df96284d50314a2ce40c0b48244129d","vout":0,"scriptPubKey":"76a914111a57544f4eba8a465730954e74c0218028cfc188ac","redeemScript":"5221026f334f8fc56a591c1169c0938e81f1cf92631a4fa1dcb34bbd583c142b367616210209a67029a827cdd5e7fb7a03e78261a6e960afca7c4e467d59c40b06d8e9567621026545e5819f050b91a6c0d5faf41a76e7e00041273b6201593875a01cfee9a73c53ae"}]' '["UbYxZZMWHkCvraw5C6uSD5xsJspLL7beFncTr4jPWLmsinumM3uE"]'
    and I get the following
    "hex" : "01000000019d124482b4c040cea21403d58462f98dcbc0b24b070e5b570abf9b5229d2911f0000000000ffffffff0110270000000000001976a9147ff110f442194d2760d20882569c622f58b40d8b88ac00000000",
    "complete" : false

    6. now here comes the culprit, when I sign with any of the rest of the 2 addresses I should get "complete": true and a different transaction hex, then I would use sendrawtransaction, however when signing with the other address I get the same response as above:

    "hex" : "01000000019d124482b4c040cea21403d58462f98dcbc0b24b070e5b570abf9b5229d2911f0000000000ffffffff0110270000000000001976a9147ff110f442194d2760d20882569c622f58b40d8b88ac00000000",
    "complete" : false

    so what am I doing wrong ? Any ideas ?
  6. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Added 1500 QRK bounty as a sign of appreciation for those who know how to get this working.

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