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Quark LOGO

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AceNOLA, Jan 5, 2018.


Should Quark LOGO have a circle around or should it be removed?

Poll closed Thursday at 12:08 AM.
  1. YES, It should be removed. I think it would be more noticeable and will stand out.

    2 vote(s)
  2. NO, It is perfect just the way it is.

    5 vote(s)
  1. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    It has been brought to my attention that the logo may look more noticeable without the circle around it, any thoughts are welcomed regarding this topic, please vote.

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  2. nuttynoah

    nuttynoah Quarker

    Hi Ace, do you mean to keep the light grey circular background but remove the black outer thin circle?
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  3. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    I think they are both on the table. I will try to update this to reflect that.

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  4. jossy

    jossy Quarker

    if it's a good idea to take out the circle and give it a more three-dimensional shape
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  5. Darcy

    Darcy Quarker

    Removing the circular border may make it look a little like ripple. Do we want that? I think the original colour scheme is good, but yes maybe a 3D version would be a good option if done professionally. Good to see creative thinking guys and girls!!
  6. nuttynoah

    nuttynoah Quarker

    Interesting idea.
  7. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    The more I think about this, and a shout out to @Yagami the logo is kind of what people believe in. This coin has never waivered on its ability to shine and I don't think it ever will.

  8. Manbearpigson

    Manbearpigson Quarker

    No change please ! Or just contrast and brightness
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  9. bobcostanzas

    bobcostanzas Quarker

    Nothing wrong with change, definitely boost contrast!
  10. yasinrobin

    yasinrobin Quarker

    yes very good ideaya..Nothing wrong.
  11. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Of the two options, I prefer to keep the original design (it won't let me vote though). Just to play Devil's advocate - I do have another small tweak in mind (just for fun). If I get the change tomorrow night I will try to do a quick mock-up and post it here.
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  12. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Hi all - as promised - here is my just for fun logo ideas (I really like the original designs so I have not drifted far from what is out there).


    Attached Files:

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  13. ldibart

    ldibart Quarker

    Thats actually not bad ..I am biased to its original though seeings that Quark was my first coin purchased but that will not freak me out keeping me up all night knowing it got an extendo attachment hahahaha.
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  14. jossy

    jossy Quarker

    very good ideas .. I think if it goes better
    greetings and luck
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