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Quark on Quarktalk not transfering to wallet?

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Rusty_1993, May 23, 2017.

  1. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    Hey guys, it has been a while and i'm excited to be back and part of the community! however, my 66 quarks that i have in this wallet won't transfer out. I was just showing my girlfriend the beauty of it when all of the sudden my coins won't transfer from my quark talk wallet to my other wallet.

    Hoping there is some feedback here about this issue, wish i could show her just how easy it is to use quark for everyday purchases and how easy it is to move around!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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  2. monoblocco

    monoblocco Quarker

    I have the same problem.
    I did not understand how to use the transfert form on the page:


    It also the "Amount" field rounds as a whole number without decimal places.

    Where am I wrong?
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  3. monoblocco

    monoblocco Quarker

    So the question is:
    how can we use quarkcoin earned on quarktalk.cc site?
    Can we just transfer quarkcoin to another forum quarker?

    That is the purpose?
  4. Dodorama

    Dodorama Quarker

    actually, that's it. If i remember correctly, long time ago, we could withdraw theses quarks in the tab "jackpot" or something like that.
  5. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    We probably need to get a complete answer/description regarding this topic posted so that I know how to answer people/point them in the right direction. I do not think that we want anything misleading or confusing if we can help it.


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  6. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Just to set things straight, there was never an withdraw button, there was an automatic system in place for about an year after launching the forum, that monthly converted your quark credits on the forum to real quarks.

    I think I've answered this before but the main point against withdrawing the automatic payout system was due to attracting a lot of spam posts and not driving the quality posters. The quarks credits near your user can still be redeemed but it'll have to be on an individual basis for quality posters and once a threshold(which is not set in stone, could be 5K or 10K quarks credit on the forum) has been reached and you haven't acted like a troll or posted spam during that time.
  7. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    This quality information @Mako and will certainly be the post that I refer all to who have questions regarding this topic. Thank you for taking a moment for this post.

  8. nightshadeNOLA

    nightshadeNOLA Quarker

    Thanks @Mako Guess I won't start posting memes until I hit 5k ;). Seriously though, thank you for the answer, giving clarity to little things like this really help to solidify the forum as a place to visit for accurate information. Cheers!
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  9. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    Thank you everyone for the responses!

    You can always count on the Quark community to help a brother/sister out!

    And yes I remember back in the day withdrawing some on demand, but I like the way it's set up now where you can't just gain Quarks from posting nonsense or trolling
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  10. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    Thank you!
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  11. vamman

    vamman Quarker

    Are you kidding 5000 to 10000k quarks before being able to withdraw from forum earned quarks. Obviously on one will ever get quarks from forum ever.
  12. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    I think it is prudent to remember, that the quark payouts here are to promote good honest conversation, strength in community, and an ability to move the coin forward.

    Be mindful of that, and bring your ideas and good attitude for the better of the community.

  13. Cryptoxic

    Cryptoxic Quarker

    but its an unattainable goal... with the reward basis as it is now. a person could do 3 posts a day for a year and never hit that goal. And how are suppose to have an active forum if there are a grand total of 7 of us posting..... i think they payout schedule needs some rethinking..
  14. vamman

    vamman Quarker

    OK that's a good point, I assume that we are promoting honest and open conversation. I really believe that the idea of free quarks needs to be revisited. Maybe remove it from the forum as no formal number has been set to receive the free quarks/or that number is to high and will never be reached. This free quark promotion really can't produce any benefits for the coin as it stands. Far better to send a single quark on sign up after a wallet has been downloaded. This would show potential quark supporters that the wallet works and there is actually a team that has a pool of quarks to get this coin moving. With a free quark in the new wallet the new quark owner may then have an incentive to purchase more quarks.
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  15. AceNOLA

    AceNOLA Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    That is a very good thought. There may have to be discussions regarding this and the totals in which some people have already built up, but I see no problem in changing the way this system works, rules behind it, how to build up coins, etc.... well thought out.... I will try to pass this along!


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