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Quark was launched in 2013 with the belief that the control of money should not be in the hands of the few, but in the hands of the many. This forum tries to build on that ideology by distributing Quarks in the hands of those that are active in the community. By posting quality articles and contributing to general discussions you will earn Quarks.

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Quark Wallet Security Passphrase

Discussion in 'Project Development' started by WireWrap, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. WireWrap

    WireWrap Quarker

    I just wanted to start some discussion to help people understand (help me figure out what I did) how the passphrase was presented during initial locking/encrypting of your wallet.
  2. WireWrap

    WireWrap Quarker

    Anyone know of any scripts that one could run with key word guesses to unlock a quark wallet? I have a trusted method of creating passwords and years later I'm trying to open my wallet with no luck. Its asking for a passphrase though... does anyone know the rules... ie number of words, min/max characters and other requirements... especially what it asked during the creation of your passphrase??

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