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Searching project leader/s Steam gamers-Quark project

Discussion in 'Project Development' started by Mako, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    MacDuro had a brilliant idea about a project regarding Steam and how to get Quark more involved into the gaming community(see below). I think for this project to get started we need some project leader or more that are already gamers and what they search for and how crypto currencies can help, especially Quark which is specifically designed for this real-life demand of fast confirmations and zero fees.

    Any gamer/s out there that wishes to get involved let us know, there will be many quarkers supporting this.

    The original proposal and ideas of MacDuro was posted here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=260031.msg8572578#msg8572578
  2. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Quoted from the original thread :

    [quote author=MacDuro link=topic=260031.msg8574808#msg8574808 date=1409255154]
    I agree , I'm a gamer and I think a can lead this project but only until certain point since I have some handicaps .

    I'm new on the cryptoworld so I don't know how this world works , also since I'm new my rep is 0 ... so a guy that knows this world and has some contacts should join , it would be nice if it's the one wich introduced pock.io and the other traders to Quark since he should be a trusted guy for They .

    I'm Spanish and my English is not very good as you can see , a guy with complete knowledge of the English language is needed to talk with the traders and work on the English promo (also chinesse , russian and brazilian speakers will be really useful to promo it)

    I have no idea about mining , pools or how or how to create an easy miner , a guy with those skills is needed , maybe someone that is alreay runing a pool .

    I have a real life , I'm not a young kind (Jimmy Cartes still was the USA president when I was born ::) ) , I have to earn my own money and in a country like Spain is not easy right now (25% unenployment rates) . I'm not a big holder of Quarks , in fact my amount is really tiny if not ridiculous ... I'm not saying this because I'm asking for money or Quarks , I'm saying this becasue this project will be really time consuming , I just can't work alone on it spending tons of time while I should be earning some money to buy silly things as food or to pay bills :p , and also if funds are needed , and They will be for sure at certain point , due to my situation I won't be able to do much about it due to my situation ...

    So ... let's see if there are more people interested and we can create a team to work on this , this should be promoted on the Quarkcoin forums also if ti has activity . I will start talking with some indie game devs , Steam bloggers and Community leaders about the project to see how they receive the idea , also I will think in some kind of promo that we could use right now to atrack Steam gamers .

    About the idea to support the project on quarktalk providing organization sounds really good , in fact maybe you could start a new thread exlaining this project to see if someone is interested and want to help .

    EDIT: Since I have no money or Quarks righ now I'm going to contribute donating games valued about 190$ , will be gifted to Steam users in a future promotion
    . I have some duplicated keys and also "free money" in GMG at other places , instead trade those games for others or money I prefer to support this project .

    My Steam profile , just in case someone wants to check if I'm really into the Steam World http://steamcommunity.com/id/MacDuro/ , as you can see I'm on Steam since it was launched 10 years ago . Steam has more than 75 millions of accounts , and his record of online people playing or buying is 8 Million ... if we can get into Steam Community Quark will be a succes .

  3. Antifoguerer

    Antifoguerer Quarker

    Sounds like a good idea ; let's make it happen!
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  4. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    I have been talking with Vaya Ansias blog and Steam Group owner , he is in !



    Next week we will start a little promo campaing for Quark , I'm going to do a game giveaway promoting Quark , the offical forums and the official facuet forum .
    I need some ideas for the promo and also some graphic material , so please guys ... collaborate ...

    I'm planing to start the giveaway the day 12 of this month , promo will be done using English and Spanish .
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  5. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Wow thats great news, let us know what are the plans regarding the game ? will the players win quark based on points accumulated or ?

    as for graphics we can do a bounty to attract some good designers once we know more details
  6. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Regarding the game , it will depend on what the developer wants to do with his game since it's is his project and also it depends on what kind of game ... but for sure there will be a way to win Quarks with game , maybe as an award or maybe by creating a live economy between the players purchasing and selling goods to others players wich is inmho the best idea .

    Anyway , the game is still far far away .
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  7. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Good news , www.pintatelas.es owner is in , he will provide support for the incoming Quark Game Bundle , he's is a merchandise and toys manufacturer for videogames ,tvseries , events ... he is really interested in work to promote Quark and build a Quark game bundle plataform . Sadly he refuses at this stage to accept Quark as payment for his actual products , he want's to see more support for this project , he needs to see a live community working to make this coin grown .

    It's at all in your hands guys ... You know how cryptoworlds work , you can't just sit and wait for a miracle so let's show that Quark is still alive and with projects in development .
  8. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    I am supporting this, let me know if we should get started raising bounties for designers ? Also can you tell us what are the steps for creating a game, I for one am a complete noob :D and would like to know the steps and I how I cna help ?
  9. Rusty_1993

    Rusty_1993 Quarker

    First, this is a great idea!
    Second, I'm not sure how much of a help I can be but I will check in here periodically and see if there's anything I can help with!
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  10. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    The first steps are:

    - Look for an indie game dev interested into create a game with micromarket transactions or modify one of his games to allow that .

    -Pay the fees for Steamgreenlight since probably it will discontinued at the end of this year , we will need 100$

    -Wait until the game is finished.

    I don't know if we are going to need money to get an indie game dev involved , there are a lot of factors involved , but it should'nt be difficult that just want to colaborate with us for just the promo , the Steamgreenlight fee and a bunch of Quarks . We as community should not look for a game with a superstar involved or related to an existing franchise , we can't pay for the rights and we don't need it , we just need an insteresting game with a devoted dev . The indie game scene is really big and a lot of indie games are doing more money than some games from big companies , we have to look for a game with that potential . But as I said , that is the last part of this project , the community still has to show support and we still need more people on the team , someone to contact with the merchants to see if they will support the promo campaing and how .

    First of all we have to introduce Quark to gamers community showing how they can earn quarks mining on pools , how they can buy quarks and where they can go to buy steamgiftcards and gamer hardware ... once done we can start to think about the game and about launch a Quark game Bundle , similar to one of those :



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  11. bronevik

    bronevik Quarker

    We should definitely work in this direction. I've tried and found out that it is enourmously difficult to do alone.

    For sure we could offer indie game developers a win-win deal. We have support and coverage from them and they have our promotional efforts. It's called two-way network effect in economics. More people use Quark the more will merchants adopt it, and the more merchants to adopt, the more quarkers will be.

    I'll try to emphasise this and other key points a bit later.
  12. Carol

    Carol Quarker

    This looks a good idea , we will need to support if we want this happening !
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  13. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Totally agree with you , that's the idea behind the project .
  14. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    @MacDuro I hope more people will come forward for this project, but in order to start getting some attention can you please organize some road plans of what exactly we should be doing, I understand that the game production is the last stage, but can you give us some 1,2 3 steps of what we should be after so that we literally start doing something to get it moving ? :)
  15. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    My plan to atrack game devs is easy , create a Quark greenlight game bundle . We will offer the devs a free Steamgreenlight submission fee for join the bundle ( 600/700 $ needed , 100$ per game) , promo and votes to be greenlighted (vayaansias owner will do the work) , and a % of the money raised with the bundle .

    The bundle will cost 170/300 Qrk , I don't know at this moment .

    This system works , it has been used a lot of times before . It's good for the devs because a lot of people use to buy those bundles just for the price , people is not going to buy an indie game for 10 or 5 $ unless it's a really good game , this is the best way for the indie devs to have a big audience and enter Steam , and they know that if his game is really good the word will spread and a lot people will buy the game at regular price or in a Steam sale .


    The Bundle probablly will contain too 2 or 3 music albums from Indie groups ... I need to talk with some people about .

    Create or modify a game with a ingame micromarket for accept Quarks should be the last step and the less important , is much more important create a bundle paltaform to promote games , music , ebooks and comics from the Indie Scene . If those bundles have succes we can create an online shop around it for all those products , that's the way Humble Bundle , Indie Gala and Groupees started and now They are big online shops with amazing offers for AAA games from big companies . We can create a new market for Quark around digital products .

    The problem with create or modify a game using Quarks ingame is not find a dev that want's to colaborate , the problem is to find a game good enough to atrack players ... that's the difficult part but I think that if we raise a succesuful QIGB some devs with good games will appear .

    About investors ... as you can see we don't need much money but also I don't expect to make much money with the bundle , Steamgreenlight bundles are not created to make profits , are created to promote the indie industry , are created to help people with a good idea or product but with no money to promote it. A lot of people also just buy those bundles for that reason, not because they are really interested in any game or music album contained on the bundle , they do just to help indie indie industry . Also we are looking to promote the Qrk , and don't forget that we also want to promote the traders that accept Qrk , we need a guy to contact those traders , one with a good english lvl , to see if they want to contribute ...

    Probably investors will be dissapointed with that , but as I said ... there is a chance to create an online shop that will do money for sure and we are looking for promote Qrk wich is good for all Qrk holders .

    [size=15pt]EDIT[/size] : We will need 1000$ to buy Steam Greenlight submission fees and some games to use in a giveaway promoting Quark , also we will need 100.000 Qrk for Bounties and giveaways , gamers need a reason to start using Qrk and not $ , the reason is that They will have some Qrk just for register at the QIGB web and buy our bundle , the system will work similar to Maok's forum , I don't want people going to the exchange to sell his free Qrk 5 mins later , we will need Qrk in our wallet to pay the devs at the end .

    Probably we will not need to use all the money , maybe some games that are ready on Steam or in Greenlight will join us just for the promo , the amount of Qrk used will depend on the succes of the QGB and how many Qrk we decide to giveaway to each buyer .

    Some quick numbers involving Qrks , 100000 qrk from donations , 10000 Qrk for bountys , 90000 Qrk to giveaway for the bundle .

    90000 qrk , we will give 50 Qrk to each guy who register , 1800 potential customers , 1 QIGB = 200 Qrk . Bundle has a potential to do 360000 Qrk .

    50% for devs = 180000

    20% funds to launch a second bundle some months later = 72000

    30% will return to those who donated = 108000

    I think that Qrk donations can return to donors without any problem at the end of the campaing if those gamers decide to use his new Qrks to buy the bundle .

    * 300 Qrk for bundle is also a very good price depending on the quality of the games included .

    I think that at the end of giveaway that I'm going to launch the next Friday we should start to collect funds for the project , those funds should be hold for someone trusted here , I don't want hold $ or Qrk . Do you know if those guys are still active and who they are ? .


    This promo is going to be a great oportunity to create some faucets and those ponzi and dice games , I'm sure that a lot of gamers (tons of kids without a cc) will look for ways to earn free Qrk ... in fact if nobody creates a faucet we will have to try to create one since it will help us alot , a way to earn free Qrk will keep a lot of kids interested and probably will grant us a little income .

    *QIGB= Quark Indie Game Bundle

    We can start moving right now , there are a lot of things that need to be done , so if anyone wants to help here is list

    1) We need ASAP a logo for the Quark Game Bundle and a banner ; the logo should be similar to Quark logo or include it , the acronym is QGB , so you maybe can do something similar to the K.G.B. logo including Quark , superimpose the K on top of the Q ... play with the symbols and the acronym ... or maybe something different ... I don't know . If someone want to work on a logo is welkome , we will try to stablish a bounty for it once we have some funds .

    The banner should include the logo and next to it "Quark Game Bundle , incoming soon" , and below "supported (or sponsored , whathever you think is better) by www.pintatelas.es www.quarktalk.cc www www.vayaansias.com .

    2) We need a tool for payments with Qrk ... people should be able to buy and receive the bundle easy and quick , send the payment , confirm the payment asap and send to the buyer the gamekeys or the links to download the games .
    Also buyer should be able to pay part using Qrk and part using FIAT/BTC . Why ? , because buy Qrk is difficult and a lot of potential customer will be kids using his dad's cc or paypal . Later we will use that money to buy Qrk to pay devs and return the donations .

    3) N00b Miner ; Miner GUI to allow n00bs start mining in seconds , the GUI should auto-configure the miner based on user's pc and connect to the choosen pool . Quark pool owners should like the idea so maybe they can help or contribute with a bounty . Right now a lot of coins are developing this tool too .

    MOST IMPORTANT THING ; WE NEED ONE OR TWO GUYS WITH A GOOD ENGLISH LVL TO CONTACT MERCHANTS ; PREPARE PROMO ; CONTACT POOL OWNERS ; AND HELP TO BUILD THE QGM WEB (the web itself can be done and hosted by pintatelas owner since he already has a shop , but he will need some help with the english texts) .

    And of course , we need your ideas and suggetios to improve the project !
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  16. Abell

    Abell Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Hi guys i'll donate to this cause when i get home from holiday, we need to have an address where everyone can send to and someone to be responsible for it. Anyone here who can make logos and banners? I know quark fx did a nice job but there should be other peeps as well.
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  17. bronevik

    bronevik Quarker

    Do we really need such a hurry? It's Almost impossible to do such work in such a timeline properly.
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  18. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    We need start to work on it as soon as posible, we can do the promo and the bundle without those tools, but Quark really needs those tools to grow, and our competitors are working on it , just check other coins. Quark needs tool to be useful . Probably the bundle will be ready in 4/5 months if we collect enough funds , if tools can't be done on time we will use conventional payment methods and at the end of the campaing the money will be used to buy Qrk and return the investment to the donors . This will be really good since will bring some big activity to the exchanges.
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  19. GoQuark

    GoQuark Quarker

    In the second half of the new Keiser Report (650) Max talks to games developer Steve Favis re: the use of crypto currencies.
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  20. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Thx for the video !

    They where talking about casual games for web broser games and mobile games , there is a big market too for that kind of games and they generate a loot of money , also most of those casual games are easy to port to other systems so they can increase his potential customers . Anyway the casual market is very different from the hardcore and indie game market , the mentality of the hardcore gamer and casual gamer is different when concerning to games .

    I'm aware about all that , right now we are aiming just for the Steam market more than for the whole games market , if we have succes into build a solid infraesture launching some bundles we will able to try to build one web browser game using Quark .

    About use a crypto ingame for micromarket transactions , the problem is that people can't buy cryptos in an easy way (using CC , paypal or paybyphone) , for massive adoption this has to be solved . If solved people will use it to buy coins for his games without problems and will be the best way to introduce the "average joe" into cryptos . Actually there are more people using smartphones than PC's , and people playing those casual games is really big , I can't find data right now but I read some time ago that there are more people playing games with smartphones than with any other paltaform (PC , Wii , PSx) . Also , once those "average joe" have his mobilewallet we can expect that they will be more receptive to use to buy things on internet or in stores if They find any accepting cryptos . But the problem is that the "average Joe" don't want to give his personal info (more info than if you buy with cc or paypal) to an unknown exchange and wait some days for verification until he can buy some coins , and all that just to try cryptos and buy a silly thing on a game ... most "average joes" are infact reluctant to use CC on internet , so the real problem is not introduce cryptos into games , that can be done without problems , the real problem is create an easy acces to the cryptos .
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  21. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    we can implement a paypal method for the forum in which newbies can buy quarks easily, but I need to see what terms paypal has in relation to crypto currencies and also it would have to be a small limit, like max 2000 quarks per day, that would be about $12 dollars. For CCs and bank accounts there is https://bittylicious.com/
  22. maroulis

    maroulis Quarker

    If we were able to do this it would be perfect!!!
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  23. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Regarding point 1, I've tried contacting some designers yesterday and till now I have no answer. I think we'll need to raise those bounties if we want to get a designer.
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  24. MacDuro

    MacDuro Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    I'm going to contact the guy who does the graphic design for VayaansiasOwner , probably he will help us with the banner and the logo if we tip him some quarks .

    The problem with implementing a paypal or CC service is :

    a) We need a legal face to work with visa , mastercard or paypal
    b) We need FIAT to cover the losses from people comiting fraud with hacked paypal or CC , if some claims to Visa or paypal for a refund due to been hacked we will have to return the money or we will be banned from using Visa or paypal.

    What stops us to open that service is just that we don't have FIAT . With about 5000$ it's possible to open a limited service to purchase Quarks with CC , paypal . I say limited because we will have to cover our backs not allowing to buy (for example) more than 10$ per week to every Ppaccount or CC , and let's say that no more than 30$ until the time for to do a chargeback from his first purchase has expired . Since this is going to be a service related to games and used as an easy introduction to Quark we don't need to allow big purchases .
    Also keep in mind that VISA and specially Paypal has big fees , and that we need to earn some money to cover the losses , so we will have todo a lot of numbers before stablish a fair and atracktive price for customers.

    Anyway , we shouldn't try to run before learn to walk , unless a investor appears risking is money we shouldn't think about try to do it an split our not so strong community in a lot of projects . The Steam project if succesuful (and I mean been able to launch game bundles along the time without any donation) can bea great way to generate some money to start other projects .
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  25. bleex

    bleex Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

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