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Sign up and try out FrozenBit!

Discussion in 'Games & Apps' started by NormanoSilurian, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. NormanoSilurian

    NormanoSilurian Quarker

    FrozenBit is about to beta test their new App which involves BTC, LTC BC and QRK. They promise to provide a very highly secure storage App that allows people to store and spend their QRK in public places using wifi, and many other extremely attractive functionalities. I think involvement of as many QRK users as possible is important to encourage the company to develop services for us. Just remember to only use a tiny number of your QRK during the beta phase, obviously!

    Sign up here! :

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  2. Infinitopolis

    Infinitopolis Quarker

    I'd really like to try this out when the beta launches. Any idea if pay buttons are supported from an individual wallet?
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  3. bleex

    bleex Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    I have some doubts...
    two differents urls frozenb.it and frozenbit.io and no .com ....
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  4. enLighteN85

    enLighteN85 Quarker

    always need to do your research before putting coins in these kinds of places
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  5. Bernard

    Bernard Quarker

    I think frosenbit is the name of the site and frozenb.it is the URL of the site. url frozenbit.io does not work
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  6. sujon001

    sujon001 Quarker

    I am try thise game...
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