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What is Hash Rate? Why Does it Matter? Please Explain

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sub80, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Hi All

    I have come across a number of people discussing:
    Hashing/Hash Rate/ Quarks issue with Hashing...
    but I do not know what it means. Could someone please explain this to me in layman terms as I don't understand? Why this is something Quark needs to address?

  2. Y3llowb1ackbird

    Y3llowb1ackbird Quarker

    I'll give you the short, non-techy version. The hash rate relates to the quantity of mining power a coin has. Having a high hash rate increases security because it makes it a lot harder for a single person/group to centralize enough hashing power to attack the network. Many altcoins have suffered attacks because they have low hash rates, and a group of miners will come in and completely take over the network. This is a major reason why Dogecoin decided to merge-mine with Litecoin. Since the introduction of Scrypt ASICs, I personally know a guy who could have crippled the Dogecoin network if he had malicious intent.
  3. Sub80

    Sub80 Quarkmod Staff Member QuarkTalk moderator

    Thanks for that explanation. Just a few more related question (if you could bear with me) - how do you increase the hash rate ? What is the best way?

    I vaguely have the impression that leaving your desktop wallet open / on plays a part - is this correct or am I completely wrong? Can any harm come to said computer (malicious attack, damage to processor etc...) If anyone wants to help with improving the Quark hash rate? What precautions / protection should be taken?

    Again laymen's terms would be appreciated. Any advice you provide would be appreciated and I will try to repay you kindness by compiling a FAQ guide to such questions for others to review and learn from.

    FYI minus a computer for next two weeks so doing everything in phone, so sorry for any spelling mistakes and bitty wording.
  4. digitalindustry

    digitalindustry Quarker

    To some extents we are protected from low hash rate problems with automatic check points (bitcoin has no solution to this) .
  5. Mako

    Mako Quark Supporter Staff Member QuarkTalk Custodian

    Depends on what you mean? If you mean the global hashrate then we will need more people to start mining Quark.
    Mining is a process of solving blocks by your CPU/GPU or other mining devices. The blocks are solved by trying lots of different combinations(bruteforcing) until a hash lower than a set target is found. You can see how many combinations you try if you mine with your Quark wallet by getting the output of command getmininginfo and look for `hashespersec` line.
    The process detailed above contribues to the global hashrate. You can individually increase your local hashes processed per second by having a better CPU or by mining with your GPU, building a better mining hardware /software, etc.

    Be sure to always download the official wallet either from the Resources from here or from www.qrk.cc. Some antiviruses will still display a false warning due to different reasons but once the domain from where it was downloaded gets more used, the warning will disapear in time.

    Quark is lucky enough to have advanced protection using automatic checkpoints, however the hashrate represents the heartbeat of crypto currencies and you can improve it with your local hashrate by mining. Once more users start mining, it will get harder and harder to find a block because the difficulty is constantly updating but keeping 1 CPU thread/core it won't consume lots of resources from your PC and you will still find a block once in a while. Currently there is a mining promotion with 100QRK extra offered if you help the network.

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