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What is POS/POW or Staking

Discussion in 'Mining' started by memeToasty, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. memeToasty

    memeToasty Quarker

    Hello Dear Quarkers,
    I often mensioned that I am new to cryptocurrencys overall especially Quark, and now I came across these two or three words POS/POW and Staking. I really dont know what this is or what it stands for. I hope you can explain me these words.

    Thanks in advance,
    Toasty ;)
  2. Jayouterspace

    Jayouterspace Quarker

    POS= proof of stake(generating coins with ur coins that u have storaged to stake) & POW= proof of work (generating coins with miningpower)
  3. memeToasty

    memeToasty Quarker

    My question now is: "How can I stake?" And is it worth to stake with 2000 QRK?
  4. jossy

    jossy Quarker

  5. memeToasty

    memeToasty Quarker

    That's not very helpful xD. Please refer to topics only, if you can take the discussion a step further (nohate)

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